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It's again end of the year (Part 2)

It's again end of the year, and also the start of new pages of my life diary in 2010. My university life was never complete without activities, i mean activities other than my studio. One of my coursemate said: "i really don't understand why you want to let your surrounded by all sort of activities even during the final." I don't have to explain much actually. Coz he won't understand. This is my life, this is what i enjoy doing. I know what am i doing and i enjoy it.

Studio was the part that i don't want to touch most, but what to do. It must be funny if an architecture student tells you that there is nothing special about his studio life. Design studio was the one that make me more and more matured. Through the lens of studio, you see things clearer about your study, leadership, friendship and influence. I managed to keep the topic that i wanted to do so much for my design thesis. After all the hard works, the result didn't pay. You need to play the game hard and smart, and all i can say is i'm not that smart, haha. Well, no regret man! I play the game with the topic i want, what i've earned is something more than just the result. Got to play it hard and smart again now for this new semester(and hopefully the last semester, haha...).

Stamps! Stamps! Stamps! Because of Fadhil and Zaid, the spirit of collecting stamps resurrects in my heart again. I bring all my old and long abandoned stamps album from my hometown to share with them. Thanks to them and Iman, i got a lot more of new stamps now by using barter system, haha...

Before the new semester starts, Archustic Trial Camp filled in part of my holidays. It was fun and highly motivate to work with the juniors and also the friends from Twintech and Taylor's. The torch of Archustic 2010 is officially light up now. Let's work hand in hand to realize the real one in coming June. Hehe...

Just when i thought Trial Camp will be a good full stop for me in 2009, a new assignment came to me. Through Sam Ching, my Xia Xiang junior, i got the chance to sing in Circle Cafe, a musical cafe at Old Klang Road. I'm now taking part time there as a singer, hehe... I really enjoy singing and i treat my every performance as a new assignment. I hope i can be better and better.

It is now 3.24am 1st Jan 2010. I seal this post here with my blessings. To my parents and siblings, friends and relatives, happy always, healthy and good luck in 2010, muaks!!!

It's again end of the year (Part 1)

It's again end of the year. Year comes, year goes. Time never stops, it never waits. I'm turning 25 next year in 2010. Haha... It has been a fruitful year for me (and of course the tree bears fruits that attacked by worms too). When i browse through my previous entries of 2009, i found that 2009 passes very fast. I'm so reluctant to let go 2009. Too many memories inside. There are so many things that want to undo and redo. Don't know why, i don't anticipate much of 2010, is it because of what i've gone through in 2009? I started good in early 2009, putting aside those bad things in 2008, expecting a new life in 2009, but things doesn't really go as what i planned. Maybe, this is the interesting fact of life. Never expect too much of what u have paid for. Treasure what you have and be grateful to what you've gained. Luck may fall on you when you least expected. C'est La Vie...

When i analyzed back my entries of 2009, i found that there is one thing that keep revolving around me throughout the year, i.e. friendship. Frankly, i'm very very exhausted about this problem already. It drove me up and down like a roller coaster. I shouldn't have waste my time on people that don't deserve my attention and care. No one is perfect, and of course me too. I have to learn to tolerate with people's imperfection to make things better(if not perfect). So, for 2010, i wish i can get out of this.

Two major stage performance added spices to my uni life this year. New Tune Live Performance as singer and UKM Pesta Tanglung as dancer. Pesta Tanglung was a special memory for me. I never thought i can dance on stage. Moreover, i get to know a group PT gangs. They are playful, friendly and energetic. I really miss the days when practice dancing in Pusanika.

(to be continued)


放学回家 我们一起走
好想 好想 剧情可以重演 时光可以倒流

胸怀大志 为梦想而飞
很想 很想 你过得比我好 身旁有个人陪

多少次 我们说过 不管发生什么事

Recently, there were so many unexpected 'surprises' came to me. Life doesn't really go as what i've planned. I just couldn't prepare and handle them well. Well, these are challenges in life. I know there still thousands of it ahead in my life. Just come to me, i'm not afraid of you anymore!



Good luck to me!

Life is not always a bed of roses. There are always challenges and obstacles at the middle of our life journey. I believe that there is always a meaning behind every bad thing fall on me. But when too many incidents happen at a time, you just can't handle it well.
Exam is coming, final submission is getting closer too. Good luck guys, wish myself good luck too. I need good luck now, to stay healthy, stay energetic, stay motivated and free from perkara-perkara yang remeh-temeh. Any surprises, please reach me after 19th Nov. Peace!

看见遗失的忆记 Discovery of the Lost Memory

I wanted so much to write an entry about this actually, but the most critical thing is, i don't know how to start. "There are so much to write about, so much to say about. The feeling is complicated. To all my friends and teachers in PT, i'm really grateful : )", this is what i wrote in my facebook profile.
Joanne, i wanna thank you for introducing me UKM Pesta Tanglung. Thank you for persuading me to go for audition. I never thought that i can dance like this, haha :D. This is a breakthrough in my life. A bonus for my last year in UKM. I can still remember how embarrassing i was during the audition. Dancing alone in front of teachers and peserta. OMG!
I fell in love with contemporary dance after the first lesson. I had decided to follow it until the end. One and one lesson passed, the teachers become more and more fierce and serious as we only have 2 months to practice the performance. 'point your leg', 'hold centre', 'accent', 'lift up' ... these are the words that i won't forget for the rest of my life.
I'm glad and lucky to know the all the PT dancers who held on until the end. Because of you guys, i stayed strong. My determination never shake. I know i'm going to miss you guys whenever i think of PT-30.
Harsh time in PT reminds me of 心的牵引下乡辅导团. I found back the long lost sense of belonging in PT as a dancer. The small number of dancers is like a family. We work together and hold each other side by side. We help, motivate and learn from each other.
PT-30 finally ended in rounds of applause at the night of 3rd Oct in Dectar. It was Mid-autumn Day and also my grandma birthday. I skipped her 80-yrs old bday celebration due to PT performance. Grandma, happy birthday to you!!!
The most emotional part during these 2 months was not the finale actually, but the day before, which is the rehearsal. We did so badly during the rehearsal. We disappointed teachers, our friends and even ourselves. I burst into tears cos i knew that i could have done better. However, the spirit didn't fade off just like that. We, the dancers woke up early in the morning after just 3 hours sleep to go for the last practice before the show at night. Some of them even skipped classes and simulasi. What a sacrifice!
心态对了,做什么都对!这是我在下乡时领悟到的,也是我一直坚信的。在PT里,也是一样。每个舞蹈员在参加PT的过程里,所追求的也许不一样,但心态很重要!With the right attitude, you are not only responsible to yourself, you are responsible to your teamates and teachers. 我不曾质疑队友们的付出,因为我相信大家真的尽力了。流过的汗和血,受过得伤都是最好的证明。不管结局在被人眼里是怎样的,在我的心里,过程永远是最美丽的 ^^
《看见遗失的忆记》 让我看见了我久违的热忱与冲动,让我重温下乡时的点点滴滴。我真的很感谢大家:凤明老师,秀菁老师, 两位hip-hop老师,晓晴,惠莲和他的孩子们,exco们,鼓励与支持我的朋友们,当让还有一起奋斗的战友们,you will always on my mind ^^
Two months time was like a beautiful dream that i don't want to break, but nothing is forever. 美丽的梦总是短暂的,好好珍惜就没有遗憾...(my personal message in msn messenger).

30th UKM Pesta Tanglung - Stage Performers T-Shirt Design

e=mc(square) logo


今天,看了PT园游会的舞蹈录影后,心中浮现从来都没想过的满足感。记得‘大妈’以前在下乡时常说的一句话:“心态对了,做什么都对!” 心态真的很重要,因他决定一切。
一开始,我没想过参与舞蹈表演,我会得到什么。说真的,我只想找个课业以外的活动参加。可以活动胫骨,减减肥也好。舞蹈课,一堂一堂的过,我渐渐喜欢上了。认真学习舞步,尽量不缺课。终于,可以在PT园游会的preview show看到了一点小成绩,很开心,满足!
I posted 'finding satisfaction thru appreciation' recently in my facebook, twitter and msn messenger. Now i realised that it is true! Don't complain too much about what you have now. In fact, we should appreciate what we have. Live your life to the fullest. Dedicate your time on what you like to do. Do it with passion and determination! That is satisfaction in life.
want to write lots of things, but the words just stuck at my finger tips... haih...



算了吧 算了吧

Book Launch: Making and Unmaking the Asylum - Leprosy and Modernity in Singapore and Malaysia

SIRD, Save Valley of Hope Solidarity Group and the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Youth Section (KLSCAH-YOUTH) jointly invite you to the launching of Making and Unmaking the Asylum: Leprosy and Modernity in Singapore and Malaysia, a book by Loh Kah Seng.

The book will be launched by YB Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping, Selangor state Exco member for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment.

Date: 15th August 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 2.00pm – 4.40pm

Venue: The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, No. 1, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This very special event also brings together representatives of the former residents of Valley of Hope in Sungai Buloh—the world's second largest leprosy settlement that was partially demolished in 2008 despite calls to preserve it as a heritage site—to share their life testimonies and thoughts resulting from state and public stigma against leprosy. The audience will include social activists and friends/families members who shared solidarity with the Valley of Hope.

Making and Unmaking the Asylum recounts the entangled histories of leprosy in colonial and postcolonial Malaya/Malaysia and Singapore—decades of heavy-handed biomedical policies and laws enacted in the name of modernity, science and development, interwoven with the personal accounts of those who were sent to the asylums. The leprosarium was a living hell for many. It is also no coincidence, Loh argues, that the majority of patients were poor and working-class.

Yet this book also richly demonstrates how patients resisted being victims—creating new families, forging friendships, working, joining unions, and actively engaging in their communal religious and cultural lives.

Having struggled to remake the asylums into homes, ex-sufferers in both countries have been evicted or moved again, their personal and collective histories erased, and their real homes exchanged for hospital wards.

About the Author
Loh Kah Seng is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asia Studies, Singapore. His doctoral thesis at the Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University examined the role of the 1961 Kampong Bukit Ho Swee fire in the making of modern Singapore. He has published on little-studied subjects in the urban social history of Singapore and Malaysia.

For further details please contact Ms Lee Siew Hwa at 03-7957 8342/8343 or 016-465 5107; or Mr Chong Ton Sin at 016-379 7231.

All are welcome. Please feel free to circulate this invitation.

2.00pm Guests arrive
2.10pm Guests are seated

2.40pm Video screening: Valley of Hope

3.00pm Introduction to Making and Unmaking the Asylum & a tale of solidarity by a representative of the Save Valley of Hope Solidarity Group, Teoh Chee Keong

3.15pm Book launch by YB Elizabeth Wong, Selangor state Exco member for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment. Discussion session with author, ,Loh Kah Seng and representative, ex-resident of Valley of Hope, Lee Chor Seng

3.50pm Discussion and Q&A

4.20pm Tea, chit-chat and book signing

4.40pm Ends

One mission accomplished!

Hooray! I've reached Sg Buloh, i've reach Sg Buloh using my motorbike. Huhoo...! I can still feel the excitement when i first saw the road sign stating 'Sungai Buloh 9 KM' on the highway(i don't know the name of the highway. KL so many highways with different names. I always get confused which is which.) to Pusat Kawalan Kusta Negara.

Today is Monday and i don't like Monday cos it is design studio day. Crit session, presentation, design, discussion, blah blah blah... Oh, no! Get me out of here. So, i decided to do my site visit today(hehe, it is part of my design also mah...). After some busy phone conversations in the morning, i quickly had my lunch and geared up for the anticipated journey. This time, i did not think twice, not even thrice. I knew it won't happen if i think too much. So, no hesitation! Pack and go!
Alamak! The red light in my motor 'dashboard' (haha...) is lighten up, indicating that 2T is running out! 'Kuat makan betul budak ni!' So, i had to feed him with 2T, then filled up the almost empty oil tank. Only then i feel safe riding on highway.

The rain comes right after i entred Kerinchi Link(don't ask me why i chose this road, i just followed what i see in the many 2 road signs). I saw people stop by the road to put on rain coat. :( i don't have one. I thought i can go against the rain but finally i pulled down under a fly-over. My jacket is soaking wet.

Speeding cars, busses, lorries, one by one passed beside you. The feel of waiting under the fly-over is heart-pounding. Luckily i was not alone. There were other bikers there. 'Bukan senang nak jadi penunggang motosikal, tau!'

After a few stops to shelter from the rain, i arrived at PKKN at 4.30pm. I managed to meet the officer-in-charge and tell him my intention of visit. However, due to the rules and regulations, i have to get approval from the Pengarah before i can gain access to any info. Somemore, he told me that: 'this is a sensitive issue'. Well, all i can do is just wait.

I went to the settlement and jalan-jalan there using my motorbike. Due to the rainy day, i managed to take some pictures only. Before i went back to Hentian Kajang, i stopped by at PJ to visit my bro. I showered there and had a change. After having dinner with my brother, i pun balik lah.
Wait wait! Tell you one more thing. I almost missed the motorbike lane when i reached Sg Besi Tol. Haha... ;-P

Challenges to be accomplished in this sem...

1. Ride my 12 year-old Yamaha Sport all the way to Sungai Buloh Leprosy Settlement.
2. Lose (5) kg.
3. Join and follow a club which has nothing to do with architecture.
4. to be filled in later...

HoonMeng said, 人生就是要忙忙碌碌生活,不要庸庸碌碌的过日子.
Cheeway wants some 'injections of activitiy'.
LayMing said,人生无常,事事尽力,加油!
I said, live to love life and love to live life!


Nothing seems to be special
Everything is so usual
Or am I too usual
For things to be special

Yesterdays tend to be forgotten
Tomorrows never come late
Or am I too late
For things to be forgotten
Or am I too old
For things to be remembered

尝试与追求 Trying vs Pursuing

有时候 我觉得

Sometimes, i believe that
i'm good in trying
but not in pursuing

一半 Half

Lyrics:山石 ST_one Music:书荣 SooYung

Completed @ 17-07-2009 06.55pm





想有你 来为我 作伴

Pre Chorus



你留的给我 再也不看

你能承诺的 也只是那么一半

面具撕烂 谎言被拆散

赤裸事实 总是那么



我能实现的 也只是那么一半


那些曾经 是否都该被遗


原以为 我学会习惯



到了最后 我还是失常






Click here to listen to the demo done by SooYung.

This is my first attempt in writing lyrics! So happy and thanks to SooYung coz he helped me a lot in correcting the lyrics and made it into a song. I wrote this during my painful time. I tried many ways to release my tension but finally i resorted to writing. I didn't plan to write it as a lyrics at first. Haha...

Try to write something when you cannot find yourself a way out. It may be the best way! By the way, this lyrics is not about gf-bf's love, it's about relationship. Feel free to leave your comment here!

Happiness comes in what form?

Happiness comes in what form? If happiness can be kept and never expire, please tapao for me so i can keep them for future...

(A friend of mine sent me a bag of happiness when i needed most, thank you!)

Site renovation...

Undoubtedly, blogging has become part of my life(for a person with less than 4 entries per month, haha...). I started it 2 years ago, not knowing how far i will go. I tried blogging before when i was in form 6 i think, but i don't remember the page already. Maybe it has been deleted, hehe...
Anyway, i've decided to give it a new look. The renovation work has been tendered. Works begin as soon as the contractor is ready, haha...And of course, the architect is me!

After Highrise semester...

I promised myself to write an entry about a summary of what i did in last semester(4th year 2nd sem), but it seems like this entry now is a nit late, haha...

I like to do self evaluation (so called) after a semester and try to make it a habit. I did it sem after sem, and now, come this semester, i some how... don't know why? It looks like i'm trying to avoid it. Why? AM i tired of all these already? or this is not important anymore? or i don't have the confident to face it?

Last semester, i call it Highrise. I started it in confusing mode actually. I was totally terrified by Urban (the sem before Highrise) and at one state, i was thinking of quiting. I just keep telling myself that i deserved another chance and i continue the journey in uncertainty. Surprisingly, Highrise turned out to be quite enjoyable at the begining. Of course we still have the inevitable group work (which i hate the most) to do, but it was not that heavy compared to Urban. The KL highrise case study was a nice experience for me. I visited Kompleks Dayabumi, Menara Great Eastern and UniKL. Dealing with the admins was a good learning ooportunity too.

Then comes the design part. It is a bit ... (how should say 可惜 in English? haih, lack of vocab). I used to say i believe in 'design without concept is nothing', but i did it this semester. The concept of the design is rather weak, not up to my expectation :(

Working in the studio

In the meantime, i joined an extra curicular activity, haha... I joined New Tune and participate in New Tune Live Performance in Dectar. I'm happy to get to know lots of new friends, esp. the juniors. I learned a lot of singing exercises help me to improve my singing. Hehe... Happy moment always ends very fast. After the performance, i got back to my normal and boring life.

After four years of architectural study, what disappoints me most, is the 4-year-old friendship i shared with my coursemates. One case by one case, i've been hurt. Ya, hurt, it is not exaggerating at all to use this word. Some said i've changed into another person. And yes! It is true. I've changed since then. I opted for dasar luar tertutup. I set myself a firewall.

Field trip to Kuala Terengganu (again)

Broga Hills

All in all, it was not a smooth sailing semester. With gains and loses, sacrifices are unavoidable. At least, i can still say I never regret doing architecture.



To Do List...

8th day at home

Woke up at 8.30am, not knowing what day is today, what date is today, i powered up my pc and log in to my fb account. This action seems to be a routine now in every morning of my holiday at home. Hey guys, good morning(if you are reading this in the morning)!

Time passes really fast! No joke man, today is my 8th day at home. After looking at the calender, and thinking back what i've done in the past few days... mmm...i need to really plan what i'm going to do now.

Don't know why? (and i don't want to know why) Thesis just don't fill in any corner of my mind right now. I really don't want to think about it right now. You may say i'm lazy but i don't care. Holiday is meant for us to relax and enjoy. I don't wan to start thinking about thesis right now coz i know i've one year ahead to work with it. After this holiday, i will go back to my boring life(well, i know it's going to be very boring and tiring but i will try my best to twist it even if i will be more tiring).

That day, mmm... a few days ago (i'm bad in remembering days, dates and numbers), i hang out with 3 of my old friends here. It has been quite some time that i did not meet them. I'm the kind of ... 'slow cooker' i guess, i didn't talk mush even though i had a lot to share with them. I'm always the type of 'slow to get warm', sigh... i know we will have fewer and fewer chances to gather around in the future, cos everyone is getting busier and busier with his own stuff.

To be continue...

At home, finally...

Waking up 5am in the morning for my nature call, i decided to continue my bizarre dream at first but the the mattress was really uncomfortable. I need time to get used to it.

This is my 3rd day at home...

Characteristics of Architecture Students...

To understand architecture students better, I got an interesting post (extracted from Adian's blog). Sentences in bold are the characteristics of architecture students. Sentences in italic are my comments.

Here we go...

The alarm clock tells you when to go to sleep
Not for me. Sometimes it doesn't work at all.

You're not ashamed of drooling in class anymore
I do this since form 6 still practising it now.

You know what Superglue tastes like
Not superglue, but UHU.

You've obtained at least one scar during model making
No obvious scar, but quite a few cuts.

You celebrate space and observe your birthday.
Don't understand... not applicable to me i think.

Coffee and Red Bull are tools, not treats.
I prefer teh tarik than coffee, but no Red Bull please (expensive, taste bad, and it works the same).

You feel offended when someone offers you a kilometrico/bic pen.
No comment.

Your diet is made up mostly of instant noodles.
No way! Healthy diet ok...

People are nauseated just by smelling your caffeine breath.
I take coffee during crucial time only...

You are surprised when you see an art piece in your school.
No comment.

You think everything is possible.
Ya, when there is a will, there is a way.

But hours before submission, everything is impossible.

You've fallen asleep in the bathroom.
No just fallen asleep, i even fainted.

You've listened to all your CDs in less than 48 hours.
I get bored listening to the same music even though i've more than 2000 songs in my iTunes library.

Your laptop or pc never shuts down.

You're not seen in public.

You lose your house keys for a week and you don't even notice.

You've brushed your teeth and washed your hair in the faculty's bathroom.
I tried this before, but i don't like to do this.

You take notes and leave messages with a rapidograph and expensive colour markers

You combine breakfast, lunch and dinner into one single meal.
I wish i can do this so that i can become slimmer, haha... Not applicable to me.

You see holidays only as extra sleeping time or time to redo your work.

You've got more photographs of references ie drains, roof structures, windows, than of actual people.
I do have these photos but i will delete them after each semester.

You can live without human contact, food or daylight, but if you can't print it's chaos.

When you're being shown pictures of a trip, you ask about the human scale, the lighting, taken the camera model bla bla bla.
Ya, part of the topic.

You can use Photoshop, Illustrator and make a web page, but you don't know how to use Excel.
Luckily i know some basic skills in Excel.

You refer to great designers (dead or alive) by their first name as if you knew them(Frank, Corbu,Mies, Norman).
In full name, i call them.

You buy 50 dollars worth of magazines that you haven't read yet.

Your romantic interest/boyfriend/girlfriend does not mean anything to you whilst in the studio.
I don't agree.

You can tell what time it is by the smell of your breath.
Oh no, disgusting!

You will forget what is the meaning of sleeping.
Sleeping is very important to me but sometimes i just don't have the chance to appreciate the real meaning of sleeping.

You can memorize pictures in a split second but it takes you days to memorize a paragraph.
I hate memorising things esp notes for exam. Graphic is the other way round.

You may even appear emotionally retarded when out of ideas.
I will try to control myself by not behaving explosively. So i make myself alone. I explored tasik kejut at 3am. I walked to Dewan Bestari and looked into the dewan kuliah through the window at 3am...

Sitting exams mean nothing to you. Studying is no longer a priority.
Haha... it depends. Some subjects are totally a waste of time.

Assignments and projects are more important than your life. Late submissions = DEAD.

Going out is not just for fun anymore, but to observe and get ideas.
To observe and get ideas will be my excuse to go out for fun, hahaha...

You drag yourself back to hostel in flip flops, yesterday's shirt & with a sleep deprived expression while others make their way handsomely to morning lectures.
Haih, it is so true! I want to look smart too, but sometimes i'm jsut too tired for that.

You go for a shopping spree for paper, markers, model boards, glues, cutters, pc rams and printer inks.
Those things are always in my list.

When you go to a new place, you tend to stare at the roof for several minutes
Shit! I got this habit.

You don't care if people see you in your scruffiest torn shirt and pyjamas at school. But if there's a formal dinner, you'd be the one competing to look the best.
Formal, YES! Latter, YES!

You don't watch movies at the cinema. You watch them in a minimised window on your pc while you do 3D presentations (or CAD).
Nono, i will just do either one.

I'm what i eat... yummy!

Tagged by Adian, here come my 10 most desirable food+drinks right now...

1. Mushroom soup (all time favourite)
2. McD Fillet-O-Fish (my McD treat is incomplete without it)
3. BR pistachio almond ice-cream (this is the one i remember)
4. Asam laksa (it is always in my list)
5. Nasi pulut with durian (omg... i miss it)
6. Self-made sandwich (i just ate)
7. Dark chocolate
8. Nasi tomato Pekan Langgar (in my hometown)
9. Milk tea with pearl
10. My mum cooked dishes (can't wait any longer to fly back home)

p/s: I'm going to tag...mmm... no idea, let it ends here la...

Final is here again...

Huhoo! Final exam of fourth year sem two is here now. Time really passes too fast. And it waits for no man. Design project submission is approaching, being delayed, then around the corner and then being delayed again. Finally, the mandatory date is 8th May. That means I have 6 days only to complete my design. Somemore i've got an exam paper to sit on 6th May, 3 assignments to to be done and one more presentation. Haih... what a life!

Studio life is back almost like what i experienced during 1st, 2nd and 3r year. But the new studio here, we have less number. Really miss those days that we are having fun in the old studio. We did crazy stuff like 'paralympic badminton'. It is a game where you play badminton by moving around with a wheel chair which is controlled by your team mate. We even partitioned the court by using a big piece of fabric, since we done have badminton net. Wuahaha... can you imagine that?

Oh ya, i suddenly have the urge to write this entry because of the big demand of my blog followers out there(oh...! yea ke?) Actually, i did write a few entry during April but i didn't post it here. I just keep it to myself. Hehe...

Back to the reality.... Highrise is no play play man! Some more it's a mix-used building of office tower plus retail podium. Really hate the podium!!! wtf! It really complicates things here. Maybe i've already immune to all these. Four years in architecture really changed me a lot. Right now, i just don't have the feeling towards it. My passion during first year has been long lost. Why am i end up in this situation??? I remember i was so stubborn that i must figure out a nice design concept before i can kick start with the detail design. I believe in 'design without concept is nothing'. But now, no more! I'm tired (and lazy) . As long as i can come out with something, then is fine. the design would be something that flows out during the designing process (or maybe after it, mmm... better not, hehe)

I wish i can go through this final smooth and safely... Good luck to those having final exam now, peace .\\//.

2 New Friends

Recently, i got to know 2 new friends in the net, a gal and a guy. From first impression, both of them are nice and friendly. We shared a lot of thoughts. Maybe they are new to me, that is why i'm not afraid to share with them. We had a few times of long chats.
Guy: Do you have a dream? What is your dream?
This question really puzzled me, i don't know how to answer... Maybe i'm still looking for my dream.




“ 改变不了的,就要尝试去接受;若还是接受不了的话,就只好放弃了”。感情的事不能勉强,勉强不会有幸福。做朋友也是一样。经历了一些不愉快的事情后,我才深深地体会到,为什么我的好朋友,可以跟我那么好。那是因为,我们彼此都可以接受对方,we accept each other as what we are! 这点很重要。



The magic of candle!

Today, i have learnt something precious. Yes, very precious, useful and meaningful. I never know i can practice my breathing technique using 4 lighted candles. Thanks to Arif for giving such a wonderful singing lesson. He actually showed my a series of vocal practices that really opened my eyes.
Well, learning it is not very hard but the problem is to master it is not easy. I have to put more efforts in it. Hopefully, within these 2 weeks time, i can come up with something better than what i am able to do now! So, practice, practice and practice! practice makes perfect!







In the middle of 4th year 2nd Sem

It's week no. 8 now for my 4th year 2nd semester. There are 6 weeks remaining before the final exam comes. Life is getting busier, but luckily, there is always a space for me to breath.
Life is still moving on no matter how hard you are facing now. Be positive, be prepared and be courageous!

Pantai Timur 2009 - Kelantan

Yoh! One of my resolutions in 2009 is to visit the only state that i've never been -- Kelantan. Thanks to Zaid, i did it now! Huhu... ^。^
2 day 2 night stay in Kelantan was a different but memorable experience for me. Fadhil and I visited Zaid in Gertak Kepuchu (Adian corrected me the name) and had a 2-night stay there. There i got the chance to see the bungalow that houses 13 siblings and their parents. Haha... his family members were friendly and sporting, esp. Zaid's mum. I would talked more if i can understand and speak BM with Kelantan slang.
All the while, i got to know about Kelantan from books and other people's mouths. Now i got the chance to experience the lifestyle and cultures here. To be honest, i was quite surprising to see what they have in Kelantan, esp. Kota Bharu. It is a quite up-to-date city actually. It is comparable with my hometown. The sign boards with Jawi is unique! You can't find it in other places of Malaysia. The people are friendly, even though there are only a few of Chinese here. The food are delicious! I tried their 'sweet into heart' kuih-muih (i can say all the kuih are sweet!), but i really cannot eat Tapai, i don't like it. There, i tried sup belut for the first time and it was yummy!
The Chinese there speak good Kelantan BM. They are no different from Chinese from other states. Zaid brought me to a few worship places of Chinese community there. I was amazed by what they have there. Tallest and longest Buddha statues are in Kelantan! The number of Wat and Tokong are more than that in Kedah. We enjoyed taking pictures there. And more luckily, i got the chance to visit old traditional Chinise house with is more than 100 years old!
Not to mention the historical sites in Kota Bahru. The old istana, muzium and other buildings are now places of interest for tourists. Besides, there are beautiful beaches for you to kill your time under the sun light. We went there to enjoy the sea breeze and have seafood.
Pasar malam is another must visit place in Kelantan. Different spots of pasar malam area located around Kota Bharu. The biggest one in... Wakaf Che Yeh (the name is corrected by Fara-D). It is huge and it operates late into midnight.
Well, it was really an eye-opening journey for me in Kelantan. I can see the people there live a simple life but the are happy. 2 days there was not enough! I'm sure there are more for me to explore. I know that there will a second visit in the future.

Happy Chinese ‘牛(new)’ Year

Balik Kampung
My CNY adventure started with the my balik kampung journey on 24th Jan. 4 persons, 1 red car, 1 pit stop, 8 hours journey, with endless times of jam. It was absolutely tiring!

There is nothing more happier than having a reunion dinner with your family members. Mum's cooking is always the best! I had a lot of kuih raya.

1st and 2nd day of CNY
I spent most of my time visiting my relatives in these two days and of course, i earned lots of Ang Pow. Hehe...

3rd day of CNY
I woke up early to go out for tim-sum breakfast with my old friends. In the noon, i gather with another groups of friends. It's like a old classmate gathering. It was fun as i got to meet my long-time-no-see friends. They changed a lot and most of them have gained weight...opps!


p/s: The conclusion is extracted from
新年随笔 without prior notification, haha... :D


昨天晚上,我和ex-housemates们一起聚餐。Thanks to Kah Heng, 昨晚他请客!晚餐后回到家,我就不睡觉,忙着赶完今天要交和present的功课。做到四点早上,我还得赶去Zaaba见我的groupmate,讨论功课。六点早上,我又回到hentian kajang家里,再继续赶功课。。。
在完全没有机会休息的情况直下,我就马上准备洗脸,冲凉,换衣然后赶回学校去准备presentation. 哇。。。好累!由于没有精神,所以present的一团糟!Presentation board 也有错误!haih。。。我present后,就开始休息了。结果朋友在present,我在打瞌睡 zzz。。。
Finally, all the groups finish their presentation. I thought we can go back de, but the lecturer starts to give comments about our works. Then, he started to talk more and more. He questioned everyone about our condition now. He asked if anyone of us having any problems on study. Later, he started to share his experience during school and work.
To be frank, this is the first time he is so caring to us. Suddenly i feel the studio is filled with loves(有点夸张啦,哈哈!). But i'm happy. I'm happy to see all these. This is the way a good studio should be, i feel gratified. I'm exhausted, but i'm :)

I'm back!

One month time from my last post, no entry at all in December, cos i was abducted by alien missing for 1 month. No internet access to the Earth from not known planet. But, it was very relaxing, enjoyable and memorable. Hahaha... it's not true, just joking with you. Hahaha... okok, i know it is not funny at all.

So what did i do in Dec? In short, i went home for 4 days after the accreditation program in the early Dec, then i joined Singapore academic trip for 1 week, i visited my aunty in kahang after the trip, then i returned home and stayed there for about 3 weeks.

Accreditation program
The result is not important. What's important is the process. I enjoyed working with my old coursemates and the cendol... yum yum. It was a fun gathering to all the kaki-arkis.

4 days in hometown
I attended my cousin's wedding ceremony. He is my father's sister's son. I used to stay with him when i was in my kindergarten age.
I was busy preparing for Singapore trip. I contacted my cousin in Singapore, she invited me to stay at her place. Good! Save cost on accommodation, hehe...

1 week in Singapore
There were troubles regarding the preparation this trip. I thought of not going at first, but... Whatever, i had joined it. Fortunately, it turned out to be a good one, i think. We went to 3 university campuses, 2 architect firms and a government authority. It was an eye-opening trip. It really opened my eyes to what Singapore is nowadays. However, we didn't get much info on highrise...
A big big 'Thanks' to my cousin. She helped me a lot in Singapore, not to mention the meals that she belanja, hehe...

2 days in Kahang
Every year, i will visit my aunty in Kahang, Johor at least once. This year is no exception. Kahang got changed a little already. Faces that i recognise become fewer. New buildings are erected.

3 weeks in hometown
In 3 and a half years of my university life, i have never been that relaxing at home. 3 weeks time at home is a long holiday. Busy life in uni and activities during holidays had kept me away from home most of the time.
Well, what i did at home is eat well, sleep well and play well. I visited my relatives and friends. Gathering with old friends is one of the best way to kill free time. I found that the topics of conversation during the gathering have changed a lot, compared to what during secondary school. Most of the time, we were talking relationship, money, traveling and of course, gossip is not going to be missed. I enjoyed sembang-sembang with them, it reminds me of my sweet moments in secondary school.
There is no other better moments than spending your time with your family. 3 weeks time is too short, i wish i can stay longer at home.