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It's again end of the year (Part 2)

It's again end of the year, and also the start of new pages of my life diary in 2010. My university life was never complete without activities, i mean activities other than my studio. One of my coursemate said: "i really don't understand why you want to let your surrounded by all sort of activities even during the final." I don't have to explain much actually. Coz he won't understand. This is my life, this is what i enjoy doing. I know what am i doing and i enjoy it.

Studio was the part that i don't want to touch most, but what to do. It must be funny if an architecture student tells you that there is nothing special about his studio life. Design studio was the one that make me more and more matured. Through the lens of studio, you see things clearer about your study, leadership, friendship and influence. I managed to keep the topic that i wanted to do so much for my design thesis. After all the hard works, the result didn't pay. You need to play the game hard and smart, and all i can say is i'm not that smart, haha. Well, no regret man! I play the game with the topic i want, what i've earned is something more than just the result. Got to play it hard and smart again now for this new semester(and hopefully the last semester, haha...).

Stamps! Stamps! Stamps! Because of Fadhil and Zaid, the spirit of collecting stamps resurrects in my heart again. I bring all my old and long abandoned stamps album from my hometown to share with them. Thanks to them and Iman, i got a lot more of new stamps now by using barter system, haha...

Before the new semester starts, Archustic Trial Camp filled in part of my holidays. It was fun and highly motivate to work with the juniors and also the friends from Twintech and Taylor's. The torch of Archustic 2010 is officially light up now. Let's work hand in hand to realize the real one in coming June. Hehe...

Just when i thought Trial Camp will be a good full stop for me in 2009, a new assignment came to me. Through Sam Ching, my Xia Xiang junior, i got the chance to sing in Circle Cafe, a musical cafe at Old Klang Road. I'm now taking part time there as a singer, hehe... I really enjoy singing and i treat my every performance as a new assignment. I hope i can be better and better.

It is now 3.24am 1st Jan 2010. I seal this post here with my blessings. To my parents and siblings, friends and relatives, happy always, healthy and good luck in 2010, muaks!!!

It's again end of the year (Part 1)

It's again end of the year. Year comes, year goes. Time never stops, it never waits. I'm turning 25 next year in 2010. Haha... It has been a fruitful year for me (and of course the tree bears fruits that attacked by worms too). When i browse through my previous entries of 2009, i found that 2009 passes very fast. I'm so reluctant to let go 2009. Too many memories inside. There are so many things that want to undo and redo. Don't know why, i don't anticipate much of 2010, is it because of what i've gone through in 2009? I started good in early 2009, putting aside those bad things in 2008, expecting a new life in 2009, but things doesn't really go as what i planned. Maybe, this is the interesting fact of life. Never expect too much of what u have paid for. Treasure what you have and be grateful to what you've gained. Luck may fall on you when you least expected. C'est La Vie...

When i analyzed back my entries of 2009, i found that there is one thing that keep revolving around me throughout the year, i.e. friendship. Frankly, i'm very very exhausted about this problem already. It drove me up and down like a roller coaster. I shouldn't have waste my time on people that don't deserve my attention and care. No one is perfect, and of course me too. I have to learn to tolerate with people's imperfection to make things better(if not perfect). So, for 2010, i wish i can get out of this.

Two major stage performance added spices to my uni life this year. New Tune Live Performance as singer and UKM Pesta Tanglung as dancer. Pesta Tanglung was a special memory for me. I never thought i can dance on stage. Moreover, i get to know a group PT gangs. They are playful, friendly and energetic. I really miss the days when practice dancing in Pusanika.

(to be continued)