From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Site renovation...

Undoubtedly, blogging has become part of my life(for a person with less than 4 entries per month, haha...). I started it 2 years ago, not knowing how far i will go. I tried blogging before when i was in form 6 i think, but i don't remember the page already. Maybe it has been deleted, hehe...
Anyway, i've decided to give it a new look. The renovation work has been tendered. Works begin as soon as the contractor is ready, haha...And of course, the architect is me!

After Highrise semester...

I promised myself to write an entry about a summary of what i did in last semester(4th year 2nd sem), but it seems like this entry now is a nit late, haha...

I like to do self evaluation (so called) after a semester and try to make it a habit. I did it sem after sem, and now, come this semester, i some how... don't know why? It looks like i'm trying to avoid it. Why? AM i tired of all these already? or this is not important anymore? or i don't have the confident to face it?

Last semester, i call it Highrise. I started it in confusing mode actually. I was totally terrified by Urban (the sem before Highrise) and at one state, i was thinking of quiting. I just keep telling myself that i deserved another chance and i continue the journey in uncertainty. Surprisingly, Highrise turned out to be quite enjoyable at the begining. Of course we still have the inevitable group work (which i hate the most) to do, but it was not that heavy compared to Urban. The KL highrise case study was a nice experience for me. I visited Kompleks Dayabumi, Menara Great Eastern and UniKL. Dealing with the admins was a good learning ooportunity too.

Then comes the design part. It is a bit ... (how should say 可惜 in English? haih, lack of vocab). I used to say i believe in 'design without concept is nothing', but i did it this semester. The concept of the design is rather weak, not up to my expectation :(

Working in the studio

In the meantime, i joined an extra curicular activity, haha... I joined New Tune and participate in New Tune Live Performance in Dectar. I'm happy to get to know lots of new friends, esp. the juniors. I learned a lot of singing exercises help me to improve my singing. Hehe... Happy moment always ends very fast. After the performance, i got back to my normal and boring life.

After four years of architectural study, what disappoints me most, is the 4-year-old friendship i shared with my coursemates. One case by one case, i've been hurt. Ya, hurt, it is not exaggerating at all to use this word. Some said i've changed into another person. And yes! It is true. I've changed since then. I opted for dasar luar tertutup. I set myself a firewall.

Field trip to Kuala Terengganu (again)

Broga Hills

All in all, it was not a smooth sailing semester. With gains and loses, sacrifices are unavoidable. At least, i can still say I never regret doing architecture.



To Do List...