You will never be Ready [CC#3]

I can still remember it vividly. The round of applause, the cheers, the whistles, the hand clapping.
For a moment, I felt like a star shinning bright like a diamond. I told my self, Yes this is where i belong. This is what i'm going to do for the rest of my life.
Fellow toastmasters and guests,
I was standing on a stage in front of the audience of 500. I had just finished a performance. For a few seconds, i stood still just to immerse myself in the sea of applause. Then I put up the microphone and i shouted, thank you! i love you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm sharing to all of you tonight about my passion towards singing. I love singing. I knew it since when i was a small boy. Unfortunately, i had never got the chance to prove it because i was too shy. I had no confidence. I could sing out loud in the bathroom during shower but i just couldn't do it on stage. So for many years, I kept the voice within to myself.
However, things started to change when i first entered university. It all started with a performance during the Freshmen Night which happened at the end of the Orientation Week. 3 days before the Freshmen Night, i bumped into to a senior, named Karen. I politely introduced myself to her and ask for her signature. You see, as freshman, i was required to acquire at least 50 signatures from the seniors and another 50 among the freshmen by the end of the orientation week. So She asked me to sing her a song before she could give me her signature.
Here was how it goes...


She told me, Hey, you know what, you have got the voice. You should go on stage for the Freshmen Night. Come to MH370 tomorrow at 5pm. We will be rehearsing for the Night we need someone like you. See you there!
So, the next day i met Karen and the others at MH370. I first thing i told her when i saw her is, I'm so sorry. I don't think i'm ready for this. I need more time to practice before i can go on stage. I never perform on a stage. I'm not sure if i can do it. And bla bla bka... Karen stopped me and said to me, Sansit, trust me. You're never going to be ready for what you have to do. You just do it. That makes you ready. Come on man, just do it.
Because of her words, which i remember it until today, i took the chance for the leap of faith. I went on stage for the Freshmen Night. And to my surprise, I nailed it. I owned the stage. Since then, I went on to improve my singing skill by leaps and bounds. Now, I occasionally perform as a singer in cafes and weddings.
Fellow members and guests,
If you have a dream, never wait until you are ready for it, because you will never be ready for it. You will learn to be ready for it when are actually doing it.
If you’re waiting for the stars to line up and everything to fall into place before you leap and make your dreams your reality, I'm sorry to tell you that you’ll never get there.
We can never be ready but we can be ready enough.
If you think that you just need a little more time to be good enough or smart enough or ready enough, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of paralysis. You’ll never leap. You’ll never change. You’ll never do anything but wait and plan and talk about it and write about it and think about it but never actually do it.
That’s definitely not what you want, is it? It’s not what any of us wants.
Ladies and gentlemen,
A friend of mine once told me that,Always aim higher. Aim for the moon and stars. Even if you couldn't reach the star and you fall down, you might end up on the cloud.

Part of the article is inspired and adapted from Jodi Chapman's "You'll Never Be Ready"

My Hobby

I'm going to share with you the speech i drafted for my CC#2 assignment. The title is 'My hobby'.

My hobby
Good evening fellow members and guests, take a look at this little coin in my hand. This is a 50 cent Malaysian coin of 1977. Believe it or not, this coin may worth more than 10 thousand ringgits? Ok, this is not a magic show. Let me tell you this.
On 19th October, a new record for the most expensive Malaysia circulation coins sold in auction, was broken when a 1969 50 cent milled edge coin was sold for RM10,253. Now you can check your pocket to see if you are lucky enough to own one of this coin.
How did you get started?
Fellow members and guests, I’m a collector. Collecting is my hobby. I started collecting since I was 9 years old, after my cousin showed me his stamps collection albums. I can still remember it vividly that how amazed I was to see the many different types of stamps from countries of all over the world. So I pleaded my father to buy me a stamp album. To start collecting stamps, I cut used stamps from envelopes. I bought mint stamps, or new unused stamps with pocket moneys. I exchanged stamps with my classmates. And, I stole.
What do you collect?
Collecting is a slow hobby. Patience is developed when I look for new treasures. I learn how to care, store and organize my collections.
For the past 20 years, I’ve tried to collect collectibles like stamps, first day covers, postcards, coins, phone cards, bus tickets, bank notes, books, magazines, posters, models, bottle caps, tissue paper and the list goes on. However I gave up most of them. Nowadays, I collect philatelic collectibles, coins and bank notes.
How do you do it now?
From a novice collector, I have learned and grown so much to be an intermediate collector. I buy new stamps from post office and  I buy old stamps and coins from flea markets. Whenever I have a chance to travel to another country, I look for post office and flea market. In KL, I go to Amcorp Mall in PJ. The flea market which operates only on weekends is a haven for collectors.
In this era of technology advancement, communication has made simple and more efficient. Email has gradually replaced snail mail. Writing a post mail has become a hobby. For me, I write become it is the most economical way to obtain stamps and cards from other countries. So, I joined an internet based philatelic campaign called Postcrossing. Postcrossing is a project to allow people to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The main idea is that: if you send a postcard, you will receive one back from a random Postcrosser from somewhere in the world. Isn’t it interesting? For every postcard that I sent out, I really look forward to the arrival of the little piece of surprise from the other part of the world.
I have a group of friends who share the same hobby like me. Whenever there is a new stamp issue, we notify each other. We help each other to buy new stamps and we exchange.
Why do you collect?
I have a dream. I hope that when I reach the age of retirement, I’ve collected well enough to allow me to set up a stall in a flea market, selling my collectibles to the next generation.
So my dear friends, get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby like collecting. Remember, a hobby can be hugely rewarding.
Thank you. Back to you, TME.

Chasing your dreams

One of my senior member in toastmasters club shared with me that, "you see, the problem with the youngsters nowadays is they are not sure of what they want to be. all they want is the explore life and look for their dreams. so while your are so called "chasing your dreams", you are actually wasting your time!".

What do you think?

I'm thinking of closing this blog

I'm thinking of closing this blog. It has been in idle mode for more than 1 year. Is there a function like 'deactivate your account', like the one in facebook?
Hmm... maybe i should deactivate before quitting.
Time and tide wait for no man. I live everyday to feel that i have more to accomplish and but there is just not enough time for me to hesitate.

A new phase is arriving

I think i'm ready. I'm ready to begin a new phase in my life. All the while, i have been trying and trying. The results may not seem encouraging but i'm definitely learning. I've tried stuffs that people at my age dare not to. And with no regret, i believe that they are what i want.
Throughout the process, i found out that i was so small. There are still many many things that i don't know and i can explore.
Thanks to the great opportunity. Now i've to move on the another phase of my life. I hope i've made the right choice with lda :)