From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Happy Chinese ‘牛(new)’ Year

Balik Kampung
My CNY adventure started with the my balik kampung journey on 24th Jan. 4 persons, 1 red car, 1 pit stop, 8 hours journey, with endless times of jam. It was absolutely tiring!

There is nothing more happier than having a reunion dinner with your family members. Mum's cooking is always the best! I had a lot of kuih raya.

1st and 2nd day of CNY
I spent most of my time visiting my relatives in these two days and of course, i earned lots of Ang Pow. Hehe...

3rd day of CNY
I woke up early to go out for tim-sum breakfast with my old friends. In the noon, i gather with another groups of friends. It's like a old classmate gathering. It was fun as i got to meet my long-time-no-see friends. They changed a lot and most of them have gained weight...opps!


p/s: The conclusion is extracted from
新年随笔 without prior notification, haha... :D


昨天晚上,我和ex-housemates们一起聚餐。Thanks to Kah Heng, 昨晚他请客!晚餐后回到家,我就不睡觉,忙着赶完今天要交和present的功课。做到四点早上,我还得赶去Zaaba见我的groupmate,讨论功课。六点早上,我又回到hentian kajang家里,再继续赶功课。。。
在完全没有机会休息的情况直下,我就马上准备洗脸,冲凉,换衣然后赶回学校去准备presentation. 哇。。。好累!由于没有精神,所以present的一团糟!Presentation board 也有错误!haih。。。我present后,就开始休息了。结果朋友在present,我在打瞌睡 zzz。。。
Finally, all the groups finish their presentation. I thought we can go back de, but the lecturer starts to give comments about our works. Then, he started to talk more and more. He questioned everyone about our condition now. He asked if anyone of us having any problems on study. Later, he started to share his experience during school and work.
To be frank, this is the first time he is so caring to us. Suddenly i feel the studio is filled with loves(有点夸张啦,哈哈!). But i'm happy. I'm happy to see all these. This is the way a good studio should be, i feel gratified. I'm exhausted, but i'm :)

I'm back!

One month time from my last post, no entry at all in December, cos i was abducted by alien missing for 1 month. No internet access to the Earth from not known planet. But, it was very relaxing, enjoyable and memorable. Hahaha... it's not true, just joking with you. Hahaha... okok, i know it is not funny at all.

So what did i do in Dec? In short, i went home for 4 days after the accreditation program in the early Dec, then i joined Singapore academic trip for 1 week, i visited my aunty in kahang after the trip, then i returned home and stayed there for about 3 weeks.

Accreditation program
The result is not important. What's important is the process. I enjoyed working with my old coursemates and the cendol... yum yum. It was a fun gathering to all the kaki-arkis.

4 days in hometown
I attended my cousin's wedding ceremony. He is my father's sister's son. I used to stay with him when i was in my kindergarten age.
I was busy preparing for Singapore trip. I contacted my cousin in Singapore, she invited me to stay at her place. Good! Save cost on accommodation, hehe...

1 week in Singapore
There were troubles regarding the preparation this trip. I thought of not going at first, but... Whatever, i had joined it. Fortunately, it turned out to be a good one, i think. We went to 3 university campuses, 2 architect firms and a government authority. It was an eye-opening trip. It really opened my eyes to what Singapore is nowadays. However, we didn't get much info on highrise...
A big big 'Thanks' to my cousin. She helped me a lot in Singapore, not to mention the meals that she belanja, hehe...

2 days in Kahang
Every year, i will visit my aunty in Kahang, Johor at least once. This year is no exception. Kahang got changed a little already. Faces that i recognise become fewer. New buildings are erected.

3 weeks in hometown
In 3 and a half years of my university life, i have never been that relaxing at home. 3 weeks time at home is a long holiday. Busy life in uni and activities during holidays had kept me away from home most of the time.
Well, what i did at home is eat well, sleep well and play well. I visited my relatives and friends. Gathering with old friends is one of the best way to kill free time. I found that the topics of conversation during the gathering have changed a lot, compared to what during secondary school. Most of the time, we were talking relationship, money, traveling and of course, gossip is not going to be missed. I enjoyed sembang-sembang with them, it reminds me of my sweet moments in secondary school.
There is no other better moments than spending your time with your family. 3 weeks time is too short, i wish i can stay longer at home.