From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Archustic and I - Part 1: Count me in!

Finally, Archustic ended in rounds of applause...... Congratulations to all the Archustic members!
[flash back...]

Part 1: Count me in!

To be frank, I started the journey of Archustic with doubts. I doubted about my ability, my juniors' capabilities. I doubted about the leader's leadership. I doubted about the commitment offered by co-hosts. But i did keep a dream with me, that is to do something special for my very last year in UKM as an architecture student.

Starting from 1st year, i have been enjoying joining/organizing all sorts of programs and activities. Camping, community service, dancing, singing... i fill my student life with colours other than design and architecture. Many don't understand me why i spent so much time out of studio. Me, on the other hand, don't understand why they spend so much time in the studio. Haha...

I still remember the day i received Beh's sms asking for my vote for UKM organizing the next workshop. I replied a 'NO' with no hesitation. But why am i in the team after all? Seriously, i was touched by the spirit shown by my juniors who were just coming back from the previous workshop - Rumi. They showed great interests in organizing the next workshop. I could see people giving promises that they are going to this and that. Well, i was still skeptical about the spirit shown. Anyway, i did see quite a number of them that are really anticipating for UKM organizing the upcoming workshop. So, i tell Beh, "I've changed my mind, count me in!"