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Ang Kong Hu - 护身符 - Talisman

This is the 'ang kong hu' that i brought onto the stage that day! Thank you my friends, it really works :)

When you are leaving...

What are you going do when your the other half leaves you? Mmm...i really don't know. Haha... Actually this has something to do with the song '在你离开的时候' (When you are leaving) that i performed during NTLP 11. The song is about the feeling of a person when someone important in his life leaves him.
I was so lucky and happy to have a chance to perform the song on stage. It was a very special experience in my life. Music is my interest and singing is what i like to do. Thanks to NT, i got the chance to do it in Dectar.
I want to say Thank You to my friends who came to support me on that night. You all are so amazing and fabulous(esp. my coursemates, the JSB team consisting of Beh, Layming, Hoaysan, Seann for the jacket, Cway, AhToong, TienYee, Guan and CheeYang ). I can still remember the cheers and claps. The wonderful support that you gave is what i never expected. I actually can't hide my happiness on the stage when i knew that all of you are there to support me, even though the song is supposed to be sung with sad mood.
However, i have to admit that i was quite nervous during the performance. I wanted so much to sing it nicely but still there were mistakes. So sorry, i hope the performance was not disappointing. I already gave my best.
Overall, i was satisfy with the performance. And i have to thank the musicians for putting up a good show. Kelly(thanks for giving your patience to practice the song with me) and Mei Hui for keyboard. Jimmy the drummer. William for electronic guitar. Wu PHD for bass. The producer Yi Jie, the composer and lyric Jacson. Thank you all! I had really enjoyed practicing the song and learnt many new things. Oh ya, i want to thank Erfen(thanks for the tai feng), Andrew(thanks for the critical comments) and KaiTien(thanks for the confidence u gave me), they taught me lots techniques in singing and tai feng. And also Hui Xin, Cui Wen, YunXin and Christine(thanks for the song somone that we had been practicing together). They have been my good listeners. And also people who gave me comments during rehearsal. I hope i didn't miss anyone. Thanks to all of all u who supports me. I love u all!
Another important person that i have to mentioned is Ah Yung. To say thank you is just ain't enough! You were so grateful. I appreciate all you comments.
Thank you my dearest coursemates. You know, i really brought the 'ang kong hu' with me when i performed on stage. It really works for me. It gave me lots of courage and power!
Not forget are my old friends from secondary school and form 6. They are Shiuan, Ching, JitSin, MTheng, HooiSan, ChooiCheng, ChunKeat and .... Thanks for the endless support!
Huh! Suddenly i feel like i'm writing thank you speech for an award i won in a Music Festival. hahahaha.....
okla, till then. I got to stop here. I will add more when i remember what to write. Oh, ya! Picture update is coming soon.


Finally, after weeks of practice and months of preparation, New Tune Live Performance 11 is finally over! From the hard work of NT members it begins, in rounds of applause it ends. Congratulation to NT! All the hard works paid at last.

List of the songs:
No l Name l Lyric l Composer l Arrangement l Vocalist
01 l 赤兔 l Revo l Brian l AndrewKam l Wilson
02 l Not That Person l Grace l Grace l William, Witter l Christine
03 l 不哭
l 谭政豪 l Kellyn l AndrewKam, Kellyn l 佳薇
04 l 恋爱小步舞曲 l 韵心 l 韵心 l AndrewKam l Seen, 翠虹
05 l 单恋的第三者
l Evonne l Alex l Kellyn, 韵心 l 恺恬
06 l 别说分手
l 方善富 l 方善富 l 伟佳, 韦汉 l 俊辉
07 l 忘记 l
韵心 l 韵心 l AndrewKam, 韵心 l 佳薇
08 l 幸福午后 l Revo l Brian l DavidChin l 恺恬
09 l 在你离开的时候 l Jacson l Jacson l Kellyn l 山石
10 l 祈祷 l Revo l Brian l AndrewKam l Wilson
11 l Coming Home l Grace l 国豪 l 伟佳 l 俊辉
12 l 想 l 玮健 l 国豪 l 伟超 l 翠虹
13 l 爱到明天 l 方善富 l 方善富 l 伟超 l 弋川
14 l 默剧 l 郑金光 l Kellyn l AndrewKam l 忆欣
15 l Someone l Grace l Kellyn l DavidChin l Seen, 金花

Download live record of all the songs here:

P/S: Comments of the songs are welcomed!