From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Finally, it comes to an end...

After weeks of busy life, here comes the end of it...Final Review!!! This semester, the same thing happened again. I produced the same incomplete work for the review. Incomplete model with presentation boards that i produced in rush. Again, i risk myself for the passing line. Oh, what my result will be?
I've already done what i can and this is what i'm capable of. Nothing much i can do now. Let's just wait and see what the result will be.
After this, the final exam comes. So, before grearing up for the exam, i gotta let my hair down for a while. Then, i would continue with my exam preparation. Exam oh exam! Jiayou Jiayou!!!

Final's Fever

Oh, no! Oh, no! Final project submission is just around the corner. Just like past semesters, this the period of Final's Fever. Everyone will compete with not their studiomates but TIME in order finish the final project in time. Studio is the place that never sleep. We, archi students like to do our works here, although some prefer to hide in their rooms, doing their works secretly and produce surprises during presentation.
Final approaching means i'm going to spend most of my time in the studio. In the studio, i work, play, eat, chat, online and sleep. Everyday, i meet the same faces. Everyday, i do drawings. AutoCAD is the one i spend my time most with. Wake up, go to studio. Eat when i'm hungry then sleep when i'm tired. My life now is a routine. Haihhh..sien...
Actually, i'm pretty worry with my design this semester. I'm NOT expecting anything with flying colours. ALL I WANT IS TO PASS THE DESIGN!!! Go, go, go! Right the wrongs and work for it! Gambateh to myself.