From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Final is here again...

Huhoo! Final exam of fourth year sem two is here now. Time really passes too fast. And it waits for no man. Design project submission is approaching, being delayed, then around the corner and then being delayed again. Finally, the mandatory date is 8th May. That means I have 6 days only to complete my design. Somemore i've got an exam paper to sit on 6th May, 3 assignments to to be done and one more presentation. Haih... what a life!

Studio life is back almost like what i experienced during 1st, 2nd and 3r year. But the new studio here, we have less number. Really miss those days that we are having fun in the old studio. We did crazy stuff like 'paralympic badminton'. It is a game where you play badminton by moving around with a wheel chair which is controlled by your team mate. We even partitioned the court by using a big piece of fabric, since we done have badminton net. Wuahaha... can you imagine that?

Oh ya, i suddenly have the urge to write this entry because of the big demand of my blog followers out there(oh...! yea ke?) Actually, i did write a few entry during April but i didn't post it here. I just keep it to myself. Hehe...

Back to the reality.... Highrise is no play play man! Some more it's a mix-used building of office tower plus retail podium. Really hate the podium!!! wtf! It really complicates things here. Maybe i've already immune to all these. Four years in architecture really changed me a lot. Right now, i just don't have the feeling towards it. My passion during first year has been long lost. Why am i end up in this situation??? I remember i was so stubborn that i must figure out a nice design concept before i can kick start with the detail design. I believe in 'design without concept is nothing'. But now, no more! I'm tired (and lazy) . As long as i can come out with something, then is fine. the design would be something that flows out during the designing process (or maybe after it, mmm... better not, hehe)

I wish i can go through this final smooth and safely... Good luck to those having final exam now, peace .\\//.

2 New Friends

Recently, i got to know 2 new friends in the net, a gal and a guy. From first impression, both of them are nice and friendly. We shared a lot of thoughts. Maybe they are new to me, that is why i'm not afraid to share with them. We had a few times of long chats.
Guy: Do you have a dream? What is your dream?
This question really puzzled me, i don't know how to answer... Maybe i'm still looking for my dream.