From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Good luck to me!

Life is not always a bed of roses. There are always challenges and obstacles at the middle of our life journey. I believe that there is always a meaning behind every bad thing fall on me. But when too many incidents happen at a time, you just can't handle it well.
Exam is coming, final submission is getting closer too. Good luck guys, wish myself good luck too. I need good luck now, to stay healthy, stay energetic, stay motivated and free from perkara-perkara yang remeh-temeh. Any surprises, please reach me after 19th Nov. Peace!

看见遗失的忆记 Discovery of the Lost Memory

I wanted so much to write an entry about this actually, but the most critical thing is, i don't know how to start. "There are so much to write about, so much to say about. The feeling is complicated. To all my friends and teachers in PT, i'm really grateful : )", this is what i wrote in my facebook profile.
Joanne, i wanna thank you for introducing me UKM Pesta Tanglung. Thank you for persuading me to go for audition. I never thought that i can dance like this, haha :D. This is a breakthrough in my life. A bonus for my last year in UKM. I can still remember how embarrassing i was during the audition. Dancing alone in front of teachers and peserta. OMG!
I fell in love with contemporary dance after the first lesson. I had decided to follow it until the end. One and one lesson passed, the teachers become more and more fierce and serious as we only have 2 months to practice the performance. 'point your leg', 'hold centre', 'accent', 'lift up' ... these are the words that i won't forget for the rest of my life.
I'm glad and lucky to know the all the PT dancers who held on until the end. Because of you guys, i stayed strong. My determination never shake. I know i'm going to miss you guys whenever i think of PT-30.
Harsh time in PT reminds me of 心的牵引下乡辅导团. I found back the long lost sense of belonging in PT as a dancer. The small number of dancers is like a family. We work together and hold each other side by side. We help, motivate and learn from each other.
PT-30 finally ended in rounds of applause at the night of 3rd Oct in Dectar. It was Mid-autumn Day and also my grandma birthday. I skipped her 80-yrs old bday celebration due to PT performance. Grandma, happy birthday to you!!!
The most emotional part during these 2 months was not the finale actually, but the day before, which is the rehearsal. We did so badly during the rehearsal. We disappointed teachers, our friends and even ourselves. I burst into tears cos i knew that i could have done better. However, the spirit didn't fade off just like that. We, the dancers woke up early in the morning after just 3 hours sleep to go for the last practice before the show at night. Some of them even skipped classes and simulasi. What a sacrifice!
心态对了,做什么都对!这是我在下乡时领悟到的,也是我一直坚信的。在PT里,也是一样。每个舞蹈员在参加PT的过程里,所追求的也许不一样,但心态很重要!With the right attitude, you are not only responsible to yourself, you are responsible to your teamates and teachers. 我不曾质疑队友们的付出,因为我相信大家真的尽力了。流过的汗和血,受过得伤都是最好的证明。不管结局在被人眼里是怎样的,在我的心里,过程永远是最美丽的 ^^
《看见遗失的忆记》 让我看见了我久违的热忱与冲动,让我重温下乡时的点点滴滴。我真的很感谢大家:凤明老师,秀菁老师, 两位hip-hop老师,晓晴,惠莲和他的孩子们,exco们,鼓励与支持我的朋友们,当让还有一起奋斗的战友们,you will always on my mind ^^
Two months time was like a beautiful dream that i don't want to break, but nothing is forever. 美丽的梦总是短暂的,好好珍惜就没有遗憾...(my personal message in msn messenger).