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Design 好像离我越来越远了。。。当初的那股热忱,随着时间的流逝而淡化。也许是我太长时间呆在这里了。一眨眼,在大学的日子已经迈入第六年了!上个学期,放弃学业而选择活动,现在就知苦了 T.T。设计放在一旁久了之后,好像都不当一回事了。等到交功课的日期靠近了,才来赶东赶西的。这是才发现,这个没有,那个没有。要再次启动阁下三个月的久引擎,实在够力难啊!哎。。。现在真的好痛苦啊!我要毕业,我要毕业!

Archustic and I - Part 2: We call it Archustic!

Part 2: We call it Archustic!

2009 was a fruitful year for me. I joined New Tune Live Performance on 4th year 2nd sem (the semester i did my highrise, which i got the chance to be at the rooftop of Menara Dayabumi. Opps... lari topik sekejap, hehe...) and 30th UKM Pesta Tanglung(where i performed on stage as a dancer, haha...) on 5th year 1st sem (where i rode my 11 year old motorbike to Sungai Buloh, haha. It may be nothing special to you but i am proud of it).

Back to archustic, or 'workshop' i called it that time. I was assigned the post of Head of Protocol. I noticed a trend in JSB, i.e. a person who holds a particular post in his JSB activity like Festsena will be assigned the same post from there on, and i have no exception. Actually, i was not the head at first, i was supposed to be the advisor to the head, which is my junior. But after all the bla bla bla... I ended up in this situation.

We had 1 year for preparation. 1 year ago, i have no idea how long is one year for archustic, but now i can say, it is more than enough(or just nice i guess some may say, but definitely not too short ). Meetings and discussions were the boring part during preparation, and i hate conflicts, which are very annoying to me but i know they are inevitable.

Worrying about the number of manpower we had, we had made a 'smart' move of engaging 2 co-hosts. Yes, i put the word smart in inverted comma because i was one of them who objected having 2 co-hosts. You may think "a problem shared is a problem halved" but i would say "more people, more problems". Haha... yes, i still hold that principle.

Anyway, we still go for majority (is it a majority decision that time?? mm...haha). We meet representatives from Taylor's and Twintech. First impression, Twintech: 'friendly', 'easy-going', 'a bit passive in contributing ideas'; Taylor's: 'Wow!', 'very active in discussion', 'will it be a problem later on?'. Haha...

Logistic was never easy to gather 3 schools in one place. It was costly and time-consuming to hold a 3-school meeting, but things got to move on. Finally we agreed on the theme, 'Archustic'.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger - My dream shoes

Asics Onitsuka Tiger - Mexico 66