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Movie outing at Cap Square...

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~什么叫作朋友? ~


Free training: Digital 3D Modelling with MAYA


唉。。。 我失眠了。

都怪我在mamak挡喝了那杯teh ais。





唉。。。 我失眠了。好久没有失眠了。我终于失眠了。

I've been tagged!

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.- The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

1. Saya tak berapa takut dengan...
Darkness as i don't believe in ghost but i'm afraid of ghosts... hehe

2. Tapi takut dengan...

3. Tak kisah kalau...
I don't care whatever you do if you are not my friend anymore

4. Tapi saya sangat pantang....
rude attitude, putting your hand on my shoulder, kata-kata psycho, blindly comment without first understanding the situation...

5. Saya tak faham...
why it is so hard for one to trust a person

6. Tapi saya faham...
I understand the feeling of being intimidated, bullied.

7. Suka makan tak bermakna...
It doesn't mean that i should have more.

8. Dan senarai di bawah adalah makanan yang saya tak makan...
I don't like pumpkin, cheese cake, coke, pepsi..........

9. Saya menyampah...
Orang yang suka buat psycho-psycho! Menyampah betul! ''Wuah...! Cantiknya!'' I doubt they say it from heart. I appreaciate comments from heart. Even though it is a negative one, i can accept it.

10. Bukan mudah saya untuk berkawan...
I can have many friends but frankly, i have only very few true friends. I see true friends more than girl friend boy friend. I believe it is more difficult to get a true friend than a girl friend.

11. Tapi sekali persahabatan saya tercabar...
If someone i believe hurts me, i will tell myself, "nevermind we will be just friends, normal friends" and the friend don't deserve my trust anymore

12. Saya tak kisah...
Same as above

13. Tapi saya pantang...
Same as above

14. Saya sensitif terhadap...
Latest music albums (limited to mandarin and catonese only)

15. Sebab kedua...
I like music. There is no life without music.

Ok, now i tag...
- Shiuan
- Crystal
- zLoon

Internal Review - the end or the beginning of nightmare...

29th Oct 2008
It's 3am in the morning now...
and i'm rendering my layout plan manually. Shit!!! I still haven't done my perspective drawings!!!
After 5 days of crazy working, with a total effective sleeping time of less than 10 hours, i told myself:"i need to get it done no matter how!"
It's 5am now...
Crap!!! I'm still struggling with the layout plan. What to do? What to do? I already gave all out. Time is just not enough for me. En. Ismar warned me yesterday during the final assessment. He warned me to completely the rendering of my layout plan and add in the perspective drawings. En. Mazlan said there are about 30% out of 12 of out failed in the assesment. The highest grade is A-(Beh? Fadhil? or Hoaysan? these are the names i caught in the bisikan), while the lowest is D!!! My instinct told me that i'm among the 30%. Haih...
The inky-black window panels in my studio turn red, sun light begins to shine into the small studio where about 5 crazy fellows work like there is no day and night. It's 7am now!...
Huh!!! Finally i got my layout plan finish rendered! The bad news is, i didn't do any perspective drawings. Haih, sudahlah. I rushed back to my Hentian house to wash up and change for internal review at 9am. When i entred my house, OMG!!! Guan is giving his drawngs a final touch up. Superb manual rendering starltled me. After Speechless and terpaku for a few moment, i got back to my room and then head staright to the bathroom to wash up. On the way back to school, i stop by at double A to print some images of the site, kononnya nak tambah sedikat gambar kat dalam panel since i didn't do perspective drawings.
(Hphone ringing.....) "Fast! Fast! Ask all of you come over to pin up NOW!" "Ok, ok! I know." Quickly, i put my 6 panels into the plastic folders and rushed the the main building.
After finish pin-up, i went for breakfast then to studio. I 'fainted' in the studio for a few hours...ZZZzzz...
When i woke up and went back to the main building, they were preparing to pin-down. "external review is extended!" i couldn't remember who told me as i was still really blur. I could see smiles on their faces. Some already start to sit back and relax and begin to 'speak bird language'.
25th Nov 2008 is the new date for external review. Now i have to upgrade and add whatever missing. 2 more panels as what i initially planned. i need to finish it before 25th.

P/S: 'speak bird language' means talk nonsense, the content is funny but meaningless, like what our lecturers used to speak. opps!
Nice photo in courtesy of
Muhamad Adian Akmar's Photos - Internal Review - 29 Oct.

Open house at En. Ismar's house

Picture grabed from My Life as a Me @

Back to school after Raya break...

(Sorry for not updating for quite some time de, haha...) ~_~"

After one week of Raya holidays at home, i'm back in UKM now!!! It was never easy for me to get back to UKM...

1 week of easy and breezy life at home, i always dream about it. No worry, no rush, no assignments and projects (temporarily put aside...hehe)...

All the while (since entring Uni), i just busy with my own stuffs... Slowly, i begin to ignore my friends at homwtown, i just realize it now. So sorry... But i never forget u guys. All i have to do now is to contact you guys regularly.

Things arround me seem to be moving fast. They grow fast, they age fast. They skip high, they fall deep. They come fast, they disappear fast. They produce fast, they lose fast. Everything fast, fast fast... I'm moving slowly, with my own pace.

Tomorrow is Monday! It's a design day. The tension is back! Stressed life is resumed after 1 week break. Haha, this is archi-life...


Happy Birthday 2008...

Hey friends, I've never been that happy and relaxing for quite some time already, until the arriving of 20.08.2008. Today is such a wonderful and meaningful day for me. Projects and assignments fill our everyday lives. Sometimes, we forget about how to break the tense surface of our lives. Little surprise adds some spices to our lives, making our lives more relaxing and happening.
Today, I enjoyed my birthday with my studio mates. I'm glad that they planned surprises for me, that i've never expected. Thank you guys, it is indeed another unforgettable birthday in my life.
Here is a birthday video that my studiomates made for me during my 2006 birthday. This video really touched me. No matter what happens, friends forever...

Kuala Terengganu Trip 2008

An end with a new beginning...

It has been long since my last update. Sorry guys. I was busy actually, and couldn't find the right mood to write something here.

I just got my 3rd year 3rd sem result. This marks the end of my 3 years of architectural science study in UKM. I wasn't really (anticipate) the result. The result is no surprise as usual. I get what i've invested. Output is proportional to input, academically.

With a cgpa of 3.xx, i concluded my 1st degree with a verdict of B.

3 years time is damn so fast. It is a 3-minute song. 还没唱得过瘾,音乐就结束了。。。 I wanted so much to do more, to try more and to experience more. Nothing in this world is perfect. There is always a gap between success and effort. A gap for improvement, a gap for more hard work, a gap for new breakthrough.

This is an end that marks the new beginning. Time never wait, and life should should never stop. The result is not important. What matter most is the PROCESS, the journey that you are having now...

I'm moving out to another house...

Today is 1st of June 2008. It marks the end of my 2-year university life in 11, 3/74, Seksyen 3. I will move to another house in Hentian Kajang.
All the while i kept on saying that i will move out by 20 something but i stay until end of May, haha... Because i,m reluctant to leave mah. Anyway, if i caused any inconvenience to you guys, esp Victor, sorry ya. I have to thank Victor also for lending his room to me. Thank Beh and Seann who has helped me a lot in sending my stuff to new house.
I only feel the reluctance today when i have to move out. 2 years time have been a rather ... mmm... how should i say. It was a rather peaceful experience for me. Nothing very big or sad thing happen but of course, there are some special thing happen that i won't forget for there rest of my life. For eg. the fainted in the toilet incidence and the celebration of my birthday with Munkeen (i won't forget the birthday because i have to suffer for 2 weeks and get injected for 2 times after i drunk the...hahaha).
In the new place, I will have TY, Guan and his brother(Ah Chang) as my housemates. It will be an all guy house. I hope we will live there happily for 2 years time there. Cheers!



对完那本书后,我才发现,我真的好久都没在乡中学时候的东西了。可能是我变了。我变了不再那么念旧。以前的我总是会很念旧,放不开一过去的事和物。换个角度来看。我可能变得越来越看得开了 :)

Measured Drawing 2008 - Pengerang, Kota Tinggi

I think i do have 'jodoh' with the state of Johor. I've never been to Johor until i came into university. And this semester, the 2nd episode of my measured drawing project is still in Johor and this is my 10th visit to Johor already if i'm not mistaken. This time i went to Kampung Langkah Baik, Pengerang, Kota Tinggi in a group of 5ive. And the intersting part is, we got to stay at the house with another group of 5ive also. The house is not big but luckily is it still capable of housing 10en of us + the house owner, Pak Cik Jamel.
It was a nice experince to stay in a Malay house in a kampung. I really enjoyed it (for a few days is syiok la). Duduk bersila untuk manjamu di atas lantai, tidur di ruang tamu, pergi ke jamban... they were all new to me. Windy beaches, tall and swaying coconut trees, halaman rumah with pokok manga, pokok limau( yang buahnya hampir botak apabila kami balik), bunga-bunga, ayam-ayam and the cute anak ayam. Ayam berkokok pada waktu pagi...Uh uh uh uuuhhhh... For a long time already, i didn't hear that. It does bring me back to my childhood when a stay in Kampung Tanjung Musang... :)

CamPohGen aka Kimochi Trip 2008

Yeah! We made it finally, we made it! 9+1 persons in 2 cars, from Bangi to Ipoh, 2 highlands we conquered, 3 caves we explored and lots of local delicacies we had tried. 4 days 3 nights of exciting travel, this is the satisfaction we had.

Talking about the preparation of this trip...Actually the preparation is not difficult. The hardest part is more towards persuading everyone to join. Luckily but a bit sad also because Seann and Yang couln't join us. I remembered i wrote about the frustration i faced during the process of preparation. I did angry with some of them also at first. But this time i really learned that 'if forced, no happiness' '勉强没有幸福'. 有些事情,真的勉强不来。勉强得来的,就没有幸福。I had high expectation on the trip. What do i expect? I wanted to make it the most memorable one for 11 of us. But right from the start, i already failed to achieve the full number of 11 persons.

Overall, the trip is still a good one. I did enjoy it. For the 1st time we go for a trip without assignments. Because this is not a course trip, we had no pressure at all. We can enjoy it the fullest. It was like the Sg Takala trip last semester, that was the most enjoyable one.

I knew very well that this trip might be our very last chance that we can travel in almost complete number of person. That is why i treasure it. Right from the first time that we discussed about final year trip, i already had the temptation to volunteer myself to organise it. Sorry friends, if i did something false, or say something rude during this trip. I already did what i can to make it a successful one. Oh ya, i got to thank you all also for the cooperation, esp Toong and our two driver, Beh and TY.

Like it or not, we already joined it, experienced it and PAID for it. Haha... May this memory of Kimochi Trip 2008 will last forever in our hearts...

Woman = problem???

Golf balls, pebbles, sand and coffee...

A professor stood before his Philosophy class and had some items in front of him.
When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.
He then asked the students if the jar was full.
They agreed that it was.
The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar.
He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.
He then asked the students again if the jar was full.
They agreed it was.
The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar.
Of course, the sand filled up everything else.
He asked once more if the jar was full.
The students responded with a unanimous 'yes.'
The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand.
The students laughed.
'Now,' said the professor, as the laughter subsided, 'I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life.
'The golf balls are the important things - your family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions - things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.
'The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car.
'The sand is everything else--the small stuff.
'If you put the sand into the jar first,' he continued, 'there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls.
'The same goes for life.
'If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you.
'Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.
Play with your children.
'Take time to get medical checkups.
'Take your partner out to dinner.
'Play another 18.
'There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal.
'Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter.
'Set your priorities.
'The rest is just sand.'
One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented.
The professor smiled. 'I'm glad you asked.
'It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a cup of coffee with a friend.'

p/s: Article extracted from a message forwarded to me by a friend in Friendster.

My friendster horoscope said so...





Final trip? to go or not to go...

After about 3 weeks of crazy and busy life, i can now enjoy a better normal life. Final review for my design projects has just passed. What a relief, finally.
Now what i have to worry about is not the upcoming exam, but the trip to Cameron Highlands. The trip that we have used to talk about since this early semester. Being the so-called 'organiser' of this trip, i'm disappointed with the response i received. Obviously, people are slowly pulling their hearts away from the trip. This is what i think is the saddest thing.
I'm sad when people told me that 'i'm not interested in the trip, i don't have the heart to join'
I'm sad when people told me that 'i wanted to go but i don't have money'
I'm sad when people told me that 'i don't this trip will be realised'
I'm sad when people told me that 'dunno leh, see 1st la, i'm not sure i can join or not'
Come on! Guys and gals. Don't you remembered that this final sem trip is what we always wanted to have. We were so happy talking about this topic since last semester. We had suggested this and that, so on and so forth...But finally, we do i received!
有时候觉得,何必那么辛苦?为什么要那么辛苦去pujuk你们join trip? 不去就不去啦?! 所什么大牌!我又不是欠你钱.
不过回想起来,办trip不就是为了让大家聚集在一起吗?平时到家都为了功课而忙碌,根本没有时间和大家好好相处。三年时间,一眨眼就过,震得太快了。办这个trip是为了让大家趁此机会,好好享受十一人在一起的时间。在没有压力,没有功课烦恼的情况下,大家好好玩一玩。我想说的是,不管这个trip是去哪里也好,办几天也好。。。最重要的是大家在一起! 只要到家享受在一起的时间,去哪里都回开心的,就这么简单。
Take some time to really think about it, friends. Maybe you have nothing to lose, if u dont wan to join the trip. But i'm sure that there is something that you are going to miss...

Ang Kong Hu - 护身符 - Talisman

This is the 'ang kong hu' that i brought onto the stage that day! Thank you my friends, it really works :)

When you are leaving...

What are you going do when your the other half leaves you? Mmm...i really don't know. Haha... Actually this has something to do with the song '在你离开的时候' (When you are leaving) that i performed during NTLP 11. The song is about the feeling of a person when someone important in his life leaves him.
I was so lucky and happy to have a chance to perform the song on stage. It was a very special experience in my life. Music is my interest and singing is what i like to do. Thanks to NT, i got the chance to do it in Dectar.
I want to say Thank You to my friends who came to support me on that night. You all are so amazing and fabulous(esp. my coursemates, the JSB team consisting of Beh, Layming, Hoaysan, Seann for the jacket, Cway, AhToong, TienYee, Guan and CheeYang ). I can still remember the cheers and claps. The wonderful support that you gave is what i never expected. I actually can't hide my happiness on the stage when i knew that all of you are there to support me, even though the song is supposed to be sung with sad mood.
However, i have to admit that i was quite nervous during the performance. I wanted so much to sing it nicely but still there were mistakes. So sorry, i hope the performance was not disappointing. I already gave my best.
Overall, i was satisfy with the performance. And i have to thank the musicians for putting up a good show. Kelly(thanks for giving your patience to practice the song with me) and Mei Hui for keyboard. Jimmy the drummer. William for electronic guitar. Wu PHD for bass. The producer Yi Jie, the composer and lyric Jacson. Thank you all! I had really enjoyed practicing the song and learnt many new things. Oh ya, i want to thank Erfen(thanks for the tai feng), Andrew(thanks for the critical comments) and KaiTien(thanks for the confidence u gave me), they taught me lots techniques in singing and tai feng. And also Hui Xin, Cui Wen, YunXin and Christine(thanks for the song somone that we had been practicing together). They have been my good listeners. And also people who gave me comments during rehearsal. I hope i didn't miss anyone. Thanks to all of all u who supports me. I love u all!
Another important person that i have to mentioned is Ah Yung. To say thank you is just ain't enough! You were so grateful. I appreciate all you comments.
Thank you my dearest coursemates. You know, i really brought the 'ang kong hu' with me when i performed on stage. It really works for me. It gave me lots of courage and power!
Not forget are my old friends from secondary school and form 6. They are Shiuan, Ching, JitSin, MTheng, HooiSan, ChooiCheng, ChunKeat and .... Thanks for the endless support!
Huh! Suddenly i feel like i'm writing thank you speech for an award i won in a Music Festival. hahahaha.....
okla, till then. I got to stop here. I will add more when i remember what to write. Oh, ya! Picture update is coming soon.


Finally, after weeks of practice and months of preparation, New Tune Live Performance 11 is finally over! From the hard work of NT members it begins, in rounds of applause it ends. Congratulation to NT! All the hard works paid at last.

List of the songs:
No l Name l Lyric l Composer l Arrangement l Vocalist
01 l 赤兔 l Revo l Brian l AndrewKam l Wilson
02 l Not That Person l Grace l Grace l William, Witter l Christine
03 l 不哭
l 谭政豪 l Kellyn l AndrewKam, Kellyn l 佳薇
04 l 恋爱小步舞曲 l 韵心 l 韵心 l AndrewKam l Seen, 翠虹
05 l 单恋的第三者
l Evonne l Alex l Kellyn, 韵心 l 恺恬
06 l 别说分手
l 方善富 l 方善富 l 伟佳, 韦汉 l 俊辉
07 l 忘记 l
韵心 l 韵心 l AndrewKam, 韵心 l 佳薇
08 l 幸福午后 l Revo l Brian l DavidChin l 恺恬
09 l 在你离开的时候 l Jacson l Jacson l Kellyn l 山石
10 l 祈祷 l Revo l Brian l AndrewKam l Wilson
11 l Coming Home l Grace l 国豪 l 伟佳 l 俊辉
12 l 想 l 玮健 l 国豪 l 伟超 l 翠虹
13 l 爱到明天 l 方善富 l 方善富 l 伟超 l 弋川
14 l 默剧 l 郑金光 l Kellyn l AndrewKam l 忆欣
15 l Someone l Grace l Kellyn l DavidChin l Seen, 金花

Download live record of all the songs here:

P/S: Comments of the songs are welcomed!

Late update on CNY

It has been long since my last update. paiseh, catch up now. Life now is so busy. Assignments, projects and lots of other tasks fill my life everyday. I'm quite happy because i live my life to fullness now, though it is very tiring sometimes. Overall, i'm still satisfy with it.

Talking about CNY... Huh! CNY holiday was a rush one for me. I came back to school on 4th CNY. It's pityful right? I didn't spend enough time with my family and friends (Y_Y). But, I was happy that i managed to gather around with my St. Michael and Keat Hwa old friends. That was the happiest moments during CNY. And the warmest moment, of course the time i spent with my family. Back to school, oh!!! It's OMG!!! Lots of unfinished works to be done. I was so reluctunt to come back to school. Highway traffic on 4th CNY was a Fxxk! Heavy traffic and jams all the way to KL. It took me about 9 hour to reach UKM from Alor Star. Oh, shit! No next time, please. I come back on 4th CNY becouse i have a damn shit stupid submission on 5th CNY. If not, i will sure won't come back here.

No matter how reluctunt i was, i still had to go back to the reality. After a few days in UKM, i already switched my CNY mode to normal school day mode. Busy! Busy! Busy! That is what i keep complaining almost everyday...

A joyful day...

Today is a joyful day for me. It started with singing K at Green Box, Cheras Selatan from yesterday night 9pm until today's 2am. Then, a thrilling trip to Sunway Lagoon.
Don't believe me? The horoscope in Friendster even said so...

Last words before i'm leaving for Penang...

Hai! It is now 9.20pm. In another 1 hour time, i will be getting ready to depart from Kajang to Penang! Yuu... Hoo...!!! So, before i'm leaving to Penang, i would like to write something here(although i'm not sure that what i'm going to write, haha :D ).
This Penang trip will be my last academic trip during my 3 years course of Architectural Science in UKM. Time passes really really fast. We are now in final semester. But sadly, i still cannot figure out the best way to go after graduation. The road ahead is rather blurry. I'm still undeciding about my future.
Oh no! OMG! Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong(Mas badminton mens double) are trailing Denmark double 16-20 in the deciding game. Oh shit! They just lost the match. Oh, shit!!! So sad they lost the match in 19-21, 21-18, 16-20. mood to write liao...
Okla, introduce you guys a good badminton website. You can watch live score of  world class badminton tournaments here, esp teh Super Series.
I think i have to stop here. Till then, bye!

Untitled :P

Hai, guys and gals out there (actually, i doubted my blog has readers or not, haha...)! These few days was quite relaxing. Thursday was a public holiday, so i have thurs, fri, sat and sun, 4 holidays in a row. I've submitted my 1st design project on Mon and my topical study proposal on Wed. So, after the submission on Wed, everyone start to relax abit. Since we have 4 days off. Some of my coursemates decided to go home. Others...of course they start to think about activities in these few days. Again, those who already has bf or gf, they have their own activities. Who's left? Those who are single loh...Sometimes, quite boring also when alone in the house. The LCD screen has become my best friend already. I watch him from day to night, and he(or maybe she, hehe...) sees me from night to day. And i can't imagine my life without internet, i will get bored until die... X(
On Wed nite, i had my dinner with my coursemates. We went to eat western food at MamaMIYa, Sg. Chua. The Chicken Maryland was just OK. I give a pass la. After the dinner, we went shopping at Bintang Hypermart. The shopping trip was quite should describe it le??? It was not very excited, but not boring, quite fun actually. We chat a lot while we walked from depatment to department. We commented on what we saw. We exchanged opinions. We even shared tips on recipe. Hehe...
Thursday, i spent most of my time at home, with my Darling. Online, chatting, surfing net, downloading, searching info....Oh, suddenly 1 am already, then i went to bed. So easy, one day just passed like that.
Then, how about today? I went to repair my motobike in the morning after sending my housemate to KTM station. OMG! The studpid motobike cost me RM 150 again. I have to leave it in the workshop for one day. Then in the evening, i went to sing K with a group of friends. RM 6 ++ for 4 hours. Huh! You can sing until u run out of voice. Haha...
I have a question here. Why everytime we hang out with friends, there is one topic that we cannot avoid, that is about relationship, gf and bf? Why arr? There will sure be ppl who ask u about your status now. Sien...i already malas nak jawab soalan ni...eerrrrrk! One of my friend even told me that i'm still single because i don't know how to treasure my relationship that i used to have. What does it means harr? She didn't want to explain more on it. Huh! Forget it la.
Okla, till then, bye!

My Desktop

2 Souvenirs from Melacca...

Thanks to (Beh+LChee) and (Seann) for the souvenirs ;)

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year! Happy 2008! Hope it is still not to late to write a new year post here. Haha...

Oh ya! Talk about new year, i went to countdown at Putrajaya this year. 1st Jan, it marks a new start in a new year, new hope, new resolution. This year, new year eve wasn't lonely for me. It was quite meaningful. I hang out with a group of friends. We went to Alamanda for a dinner. We ate western food. Then we had Baskin Robins ice-cream for our dessert. Haha...yum! yum! Finally we went to the dataran putrajaya for countdown.

'Popp...!' Fireworks display started. All of us stop chatting. The fireworks display is our main and only focus. It was so beautiful but it was short. Ya, good things in life are never long. We should appreciate them. 

Suddenly, the friendship of 11 chinese coursemates crossed my mind. Oh, my friends, and yes, all of you are my FRIENDS. We are now in our final semester. From total strangers to a group of buddies that can travel together from Terengganu to Bandung, celebrate birthdays until all of us get wet, play until we fight, be to close until conflicts appear, work hard until we don't sleep for days, sing k until we run out of voices, haha....there are so much to talk about. 3 years! Oh 3 years may be long, and it may be short. It is all depends on how you look at it, how you treasure it, and how you appreaciate it. No matter what had happenned in the past, the future is always there for you and me. Let's give our very best in this final semester. 'Defeating the rest, you are still not the best. You are teh best, when you beat the past.'

Cheers! Friendship forever.......