From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

What i did in the last 2 weeks...

Hi, gals and guys. It has been a while since my last update. Today is 30th Dec 20007, so i think this would be my last post this year.
After coming back from Sg. Tiram, Johor, i stayed in Bangi and waited for the school to reopen on 31th Dec. 2 weeks in Bangi was quite boring especially after the submission of the project of measured drawing. I didn't go to much places during this 2 weeks.
During 'Dong Zhi', i went to Seann's house with Beh. We had a delicious lunch treat in his house in Kepong and of course we ate 'Tang Yuan' too. On that day, we got the chance to meet almost all of his family members. We went to One U after that just for window shopping. At night, we ate Dim Sum at Kepong. Thanks, Seann. It was a great day.
My music workshop camp started on 23th, i joined the camp with Ah Yung. We made a lot of new and nice friends at the camp. Unfortunately, due to some technical errors, a lot of programme is delayed. However we managed to have a visit to a recording studio in Bandar tasik Selatan. Wow! the studio really opened my eyes. I learned a lot of new things at the studio. One of my friend even got the chance to have a try to record a song. So bad that i had a bad flu on that day. If not, i wanted to try too, hahaha...All in all, the music camp was a satisfactory one, i am looking forward to participating more activities from the music workshop in future.
By the way, during this 2 weeks, i managed to watch 2 movies, i.e. I'm Legend and National Treasure 2. Both are equally good but personally, i would say I'm Legend outwits NT2.
Oh, one more thing! About the result of my last semester. was a sad story. CGPA below 3 all because of one subject, i.e. Design Studio. Really really can't accept it at first. But after i analyze it carefully, i think ... the main problem is still me, myself. I can't blame others for that. All i can do now is to work even harder for my coming last semester.
Finally, welcome back to school my friends. I hope that we will have a wonderful sem ahead.

Happy 2008 and Peace!

Merry Christmas!


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YouHoo! I won a prize

Figure out 5 differences in the 2 pictures

Haha, it's easy right?
Actually, i got this 3d card from my best friend, Shiuan. So surprise and happy to receive it. Thank you, Shiuan : )

Love Flow Chart 爱情发展流程图

I found this in my friend's blog. Have a look at it, which situation are you in now?

P/S: Flow chart courtesy of

Fish's latest album - j'Adore 崇拜

梁靜茹 <<崇拜>>
Fish Leong

One day trip to Sg. Takala, Semenyih

Having about 7 days break before the remaining last exam paper, the exam mode seems to have no effect for us to go and have fun. What's more, we have a concrete reason to celebrate, that is TY's birthday.
2 days before his birthday, we started to think of how to celebrate his birthday. Sing K? mmm...we have done it several times already, NONO! Gather around and have a good dinner....Nono!
Suddenly AhGuan came up with an interesting idea. He said, 'Why don't we go for a place with is more to nature?' Good idea!!!
Ah Yung couldn't agree with him more. After morning jogging, he drove me, Guan and HSan to the Sg. Takala in Semenyih. We went there to do 'Site analysis and inspection'. We then went to another waterfall nearby, Gabai Waterfall. Both are equally good but finally we chose Sg. Takala because it is larger and suitable for activity like BBQ.
After deciding the location, we kept the fever on by planning for the activities there. BBQ! We bought the food. We contact other friends.
On that day, 14 of us went to Sg. Takala in 3 cars. The first thing that welcome us was the crowds. Oh shit! Today is public holiday. No wonder so many people here! Even more shit is that we have to pay RM 1 each for the entrance fee.
Then came the exercise part. To get a sheltered place, we have to walk far into the forest. It tooks us about 15 min to walk in there. OMG, i was super hungry and thirsty by the time i reach the shelter .
Firstly, we sing birthday song for the birthday boys of November. Then we fed on cake to fill our empty stomach. That piece of cake was so delicious because i was very very hungry. What's then? Of course we jump into the river! Some insisted to stay in the shelter. So they take the responsibility to BBQ the food. Hahaha!
Play water
Having fun
Yes! It was really full of fun!
By the time we were getting ready to pack up, OMG, the rain came. We walked in the heavy rain out of the jungle. Then went home with our wet attires. It was really a memorable and WET journey.

Finally, it comes to an end...

After weeks of busy life, here comes the end of it...Final Review!!! This semester, the same thing happened again. I produced the same incomplete work for the review. Incomplete model with presentation boards that i produced in rush. Again, i risk myself for the passing line. Oh, what my result will be?
I've already done what i can and this is what i'm capable of. Nothing much i can do now. Let's just wait and see what the result will be.
After this, the final exam comes. So, before grearing up for the exam, i gotta let my hair down for a while. Then, i would continue with my exam preparation. Exam oh exam! Jiayou Jiayou!!!

Final's Fever

Oh, no! Oh, no! Final project submission is just around the corner. Just like past semesters, this the period of Final's Fever. Everyone will compete with not their studiomates but TIME in order finish the final project in time. Studio is the place that never sleep. We, archi students like to do our works here, although some prefer to hide in their rooms, doing their works secretly and produce surprises during presentation.
Final approaching means i'm going to spend most of my time in the studio. In the studio, i work, play, eat, chat, online and sleep. Everyday, i meet the same faces. Everyday, i do drawings. AutoCAD is the one i spend my time most with. Wake up, go to studio. Eat when i'm hungry then sleep when i'm tired. My life now is a routine. Haihhh..sien...
Actually, i'm pretty worry with my design this semester. I'm NOT expecting anything with flying colours. ALL I WANT IS TO PASS THE DESIGN!!! Go, go, go! Right the wrongs and work for it! Gambateh to myself.

Just want to shout out...

Sorry fans out there (if any, hahaha) for not updating my blog since don't know when already. I was so busy with my design project and big big small small assignments. Sleepless nights, sitting in front of the monitor, backpain, panda eyes, not taking bath for more than 12 hrs(ops!)...are very common for architecture students.
Haih...for 5 semesters already, i've been going through this kind of lifestyle. From fear to normal, from phobia to routine, i found that i've already got used to it. I found it uneasy when i have nothing to busy with. I found it weird if i'm not going to studio.
I used to think back and evaluate what i've got from what i did in all these years. Of course i've learned and lost something. No pain, no gain! Success doesn't come without sacrifices. This is what i believe. At least, i'm still satisfy with what i'm doing now.
Sometimes, i may wonder why i end up being here. Sleep less than 4 hours a days just to squeeze my brain juice(jiao jin nao zhi) to come out with one design and end up the design being criticize like Bull Shit! Oh, can you handle it?
Ahh...just forget it! Maybe i have to admit that design is not my toy. Haha...

Sorry for no update on Bandung Trip...

I'm currently really busy with my design studio works. Housing masterplan is really a headache for me.
Sorry guys, no time to update my blog. I will 'fast fast' update it right after i submit the dxxx sxxx masterplan on next Thursday. Till then : P

Happy Birthday to ME...

Today is my birthday! I wanted so much to tell the world that today is my birthday. So I chose to voice it out here.
This year's birthday is not much different than the past birthdays. The only distinguishable and undeniable fact is I'm now one year older.
Thank you guys for the lovely birthday greetings that you sent to me via sms, words, phone call or
even silently in your heart. I really appreciate them. Thank you : )

Coming up NEXT...

Watch out for my updates on Bandung & Jakarta Trip 2007...

An expensive LESSON.

For ab 2 years, you have been with me. You follow me to wherever I go. You give me support and courage. You made me proud while standing in the crowd.
"i run, you run...i jump, you jump"
But now, you are gone. You left me without a trace. Now only, i realize how important you are to me. Sorry for not taking good care of you, sorry for leaving you in wind and sun, and sometime the rain. Sorry for all that. Well, all I hope now is you can get a good owner very soon, cause I know... you will never return...

Gearing up for Bandung Trip!!!

Countdown! Countdown! In just 3 more days, i will have to fly to Bandung! Yeahhh...!
After the Bandung Meeting in the studio, i start to feel the fever of Bandung. We had discussed about our uniform, souvenir, rules to pack our luggage, departure time, !@#$%^&*&*...Well, these are all not really important for me. The most exciting news that i heard is cheap to at Bandung! ya, they told me that DVD is only rm 2.50 per pcs and many branded shirts are affordable. So, i think the rupiah that i prepared is not enough now cos i just somebody prepares rm500 for the 7-days trip.
Okla, i don't think that i will be blogging for the next coming 10 days. But when i'm back, hehe...i will share with you my Bandung photos. Hooray! Bandung, GO GO GO!

Baskin Robbins Treat on 31th July

"Hey, today is 31st of July. Let's go to have some ice-cream at Baskin Robbins."

After busy doing theory assignment and preparing for Housing Study presentation for the whole day, we decided to have something special for our dinner. Finally we chose to eat at Da Zhong.

After the dinner, we went to Metro Kajang to get some rupiah for our trip to Bandung in next 2 weeks. Yung and Guan managed to get a new look for their hair style at one of the salon there.

Our last destination was Metro Point, a new shopping complex in Kajang that houses many famous restaurants like Starbucks, Dunkin Donut and of course, Baskin Robbins too. When we arrived there, we were shocked to find out that there are already lots of people waiting for their turn in Baskin Robbins. We managed to get number 283 while the current customer they are serving is 25something. What to do? All we can do is nothing but to wait for our turn since we are so tham jiak (kuat makan).


After waiting for ab 1 hour, it was our turn. Look at the photo beside to see how we feel after getting the ice-cream...

Yes, we really enjoy the ice-cream treat!

P/S: Special thank is dedicated to HSan who
sponsored the ice-cream. Hmm...who will be sponsoring us the ice-cream again on the next 31th. Hsan again maybe, hahahah!!!

My new Desktop!!!

After waiting for about 5 days, i finally got my new PC : P
Here are the details of my new deskstop:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E 6550/2.33 Ghz, 4 MB L2 Cache, 1333FSB
  • Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 Intel P35 ATX Motherboard
  • 2 GB Corsair DDR2-667 Mhz RAM
  • 160 GB WD SATA/8 MB/7200 rpm
  • Gigabyte 256 MB GeForce-8500GT DDR2/PCI-E
  • Sony 18X DVD +/- RW
  • 17" Samsung 732N LCD
It costs me RM 2***. So I'm broke now, no money for my Bandung trip next week : (

2D/1N in Genting Highlands - Part 01

It has been about 1 1/2 years since my last visit to Genting. Well, there is not much difference between the Genting now and that of 1 1/2 years ago. Genting is still Genting but this time, i went there with different group of friends. Oh ya, outdoor themepark now has another new ride, Pirate Something(i can't remember already). We had a lots of fun there. Singing K, Outdoor themepark, indoor themepark, jalan-jalan and take photos, of course. Not to mention the nightlife in Genting, we went to...~#@%^&*^%$@$%~ hehe...

Space Shot
This is the fifth time i play the game, space shot and the fear is still the same. I was shocked until
speechless at the moment i fell down. Yes, not even a scream.

Singing K at Be A Star
We had our 2nd dinner(we ate 2 times dinner for the first night there) and sing K for 2 hours. 2 hours was really too short for K-kings and K-queen like us.

What a sweaty day!!!

After 2 months of practical training in my hometown, i have never had a sweaty day like today. During that 2 months, I pamper myself with delicious Mama's homecook meals and i sleep and play quite a lot. Exercise is what i left out during that 2 months, hahaha...And the consequence is...5 kg of weight!!! Anyhow, I'm not regret for indulging myself with all that for 2 months. least I continue to exercise now mah : P
For this sem, i plan to exercise by playing badminton, jogging and...zeng! zeng! zeng! SWIMMING. Opps! I don't know how to swim. Well I will put swimming as one of my targets for this sem. Huh!!! Hey, swimming! I'll conquer you!


Finally, the question that i awaits for more than 12 months has the answer. I don't know whether it is a good answer or bad answer. I don't know i should be happy or sad with the decision although, a little bit of disappointment is what i can't deny. Well, boys and girls of the 9th XinDeQianYing, life is still going on and i hope that precious moments that we shared will always be remembered and our friendship will be forever...

Another new semester

Semester comes, semester goes...and now, i'm in another new semester. This semester i'm kind of lost a bit. I found that i'm not that motivated compared to the last 2 semesters.'s dangerous and i need to gambateh and figure out the target for this semester.
Last semester was a busy one (as usual). Cgpa drops quite a lot. Anyway, i think i had gave my best during last semester. Maybe what my friends said is correct: 'u need to improve your works by keeping the pace on par with other coursemates and not just compare them with your previous semester works'. Thanks friend, this is what i've never thought of.
So, what i'm going to do this semester?

Just to say hi!

Hi, everyone out there! I'm now a blogger, yeah! Don't whether i can keep it long but...i'll try my best. In this small little blog, i will fill it with my thoughts on anything. And of course, i will share with u my happiness and sorrow too...Haha. That's all for this very beginning, must support me, ok?!