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November comes silently with the rain...

It is raining tonight. In fact, the rain comes more often recently. It is the monsoon season i guess.
November approaches silently in the midst of the rainy weather. October seems to be a short month for me. It means it was a busy one for me. Hopefully, it will be a fruitful one too...

They are more...

Well, i have to say...
They are more in number than i thought.
They are much more closer in distance than i thought.
They are more visible in character than i thought.
They are more in many ways than i thought.

I hope you find your destination one day, little wanderer.

My 2011 CNY

It's time to write something here. Ya, i think now is the time. Haha... What a boring opening...

2 weeks of CNY holiday at home sweet home was the longest i've ever had since i registered myself in UKM 5 years ago. I'm glad to have quality time with my family and friends in my hometown.

This year, i managed to stay until 9th day of CNY, which is the biggest day for the Chinese Hokkiens where we pray for the Sky Goddess (天公). I have to admit that CNY was no longer that fun as when i was a little boy but hey, occasional sounds of fire crackers really excite me. During the ceremony of praying for
天公, the dark sky is wonderfully lightened up by fireworks from my rich neighbours (although fire crackers are banned in here). Helping my mum for the ceremony really made me feel the excitement of CNY.

Have i ever mentioned my pet here in my blog? We named him Vicky. He is turning 12 years old this year. He looks older and older every time i go back to see him. I really love him and scared to lose him.

2011 is the year of rabbit. Rabbit is cute but i don't think i can handle it as a pet. haha... whatever. I just want to wish everyone i know a fruitful year ahead. Stay pretty, wealthy and healthy. Good luck!

What the hell is this? Am i depressed?

It came up right after i finished a Korean drama, namely Secret Garden, led by my favorite korean actress, Ha Ji-won. Honestly, i've not been watching any korean drama for quite some time already. I chose this drama because of Ha Ji-won and it turned out to be a damn good choice. In fact, the drama is too good for me.

I remember i used to watch a lot of dramas (hong kong, taiwan, korea, japan, siam and telenovela...) back then in my secondary school time. I'm the kind of person who will totally drawn into it when i really like the drama. I will watch every single detail of the drama, and will hate to miss any second of it. Ya, it sounds good right? But the drama comes to the finale, the nightmare follows afterward.

I started to miss the story of the drama. I searched for comments and news about the drama online. I thought of the drama when i'm idle. I'm just simply can't accept that the drama is ended. I just can't let it go. Is this after-drama blues? depression? Is there any medical term to describe a syndrome like me?

Oh, i hate it. I remembered last time it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to totally get out of the syndrome. No, that is too suffering. i need to get out of this fast.

Ok, now go watch this korean drama. One of the best i've ever watch. 5 stars and highly recommended. Hope you enjoy it!
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