From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

In the middle of 4th year 2nd Sem

It's week no. 8 now for my 4th year 2nd semester. There are 6 weeks remaining before the final exam comes. Life is getting busier, but luckily, there is always a space for me to breath.
Life is still moving on no matter how hard you are facing now. Be positive, be prepared and be courageous!

Pantai Timur 2009 - Kelantan

Yoh! One of my resolutions in 2009 is to visit the only state that i've never been -- Kelantan. Thanks to Zaid, i did it now! Huhu... ^。^
2 day 2 night stay in Kelantan was a different but memorable experience for me. Fadhil and I visited Zaid in Gertak Kepuchu (Adian corrected me the name) and had a 2-night stay there. There i got the chance to see the bungalow that houses 13 siblings and their parents. Haha... his family members were friendly and sporting, esp. Zaid's mum. I would talked more if i can understand and speak BM with Kelantan slang.
All the while, i got to know about Kelantan from books and other people's mouths. Now i got the chance to experience the lifestyle and cultures here. To be honest, i was quite surprising to see what they have in Kelantan, esp. Kota Bharu. It is a quite up-to-date city actually. It is comparable with my hometown. The sign boards with Jawi is unique! You can't find it in other places of Malaysia. The people are friendly, even though there are only a few of Chinese here. The food are delicious! I tried their 'sweet into heart' kuih-muih (i can say all the kuih are sweet!), but i really cannot eat Tapai, i don't like it. There, i tried sup belut for the first time and it was yummy!
The Chinese there speak good Kelantan BM. They are no different from Chinese from other states. Zaid brought me to a few worship places of Chinese community there. I was amazed by what they have there. Tallest and longest Buddha statues are in Kelantan! The number of Wat and Tokong are more than that in Kedah. We enjoyed taking pictures there. And more luckily, i got the chance to visit old traditional Chinise house with is more than 100 years old!
Not to mention the historical sites in Kota Bahru. The old istana, muzium and other buildings are now places of interest for tourists. Besides, there are beautiful beaches for you to kill your time under the sun light. We went there to enjoy the sea breeze and have seafood.
Pasar malam is another must visit place in Kelantan. Different spots of pasar malam area located around Kota Bharu. The biggest one in... Wakaf Che Yeh (the name is corrected by Fara-D). It is huge and it operates late into midnight.
Well, it was really an eye-opening journey for me in Kelantan. I can see the people there live a simple life but the are happy. 2 days there was not enough! I'm sure there are more for me to explore. I know that there will a second visit in the future.