From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Just want to shout out...

Sorry fans out there (if any, hahaha) for not updating my blog since don't know when already. I was so busy with my design project and big big small small assignments. Sleepless nights, sitting in front of the monitor, backpain, panda eyes, not taking bath for more than 12 hrs(ops!)...are very common for architecture students.
Haih...for 5 semesters already, i've been going through this kind of lifestyle. From fear to normal, from phobia to routine, i found that i've already got used to it. I found it uneasy when i have nothing to busy with. I found it weird if i'm not going to studio.
I used to think back and evaluate what i've got from what i did in all these years. Of course i've learned and lost something. No pain, no gain! Success doesn't come without sacrifices. This is what i believe. At least, i'm still satisfy with what i'm doing now.
Sometimes, i may wonder why i end up being here. Sleep less than 4 hours a days just to squeeze my brain juice(jiao jin nao zhi) to come out with one design and end up the design being criticize like Bull Shit! Oh, can you handle it?
Ahh...just forget it! Maybe i have to admit that design is not my toy. Haha...