From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

I'm moving out to another house...

Today is 1st of June 2008. It marks the end of my 2-year university life in 11, 3/74, Seksyen 3. I will move to another house in Hentian Kajang.
All the while i kept on saying that i will move out by 20 something but i stay until end of May, haha... Because i,m reluctant to leave mah. Anyway, if i caused any inconvenience to you guys, esp Victor, sorry ya. I have to thank Victor also for lending his room to me. Thank Beh and Seann who has helped me a lot in sending my stuff to new house.
I only feel the reluctance today when i have to move out. 2 years time have been a rather ... mmm... how should i say. It was a rather peaceful experience for me. Nothing very big or sad thing happen but of course, there are some special thing happen that i won't forget for there rest of my life. For eg. the fainted in the toilet incidence and the celebration of my birthday with Munkeen (i won't forget the birthday because i have to suffer for 2 weeks and get injected for 2 times after i drunk the...hahaha).
In the new place, I will have TY, Guan and his brother(Ah Chang) as my housemates. It will be an all guy house. I hope we will live there happily for 2 years time there. Cheers!