From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Figure out 5 differences in the 2 pictures

Haha, it's easy right?
Actually, i got this 3d card from my best friend, Shiuan. So surprise and happy to receive it. Thank you, Shiuan : )

Love Flow Chart 爱情发展流程图

I found this in my friend's blog. Have a look at it, which situation are you in now?

P/S: Flow chart courtesy of

Fish's latest album - j'Adore 崇拜

梁靜茹 <<崇拜>>
Fish Leong

One day trip to Sg. Takala, Semenyih

Having about 7 days break before the remaining last exam paper, the exam mode seems to have no effect for us to go and have fun. What's more, we have a concrete reason to celebrate, that is TY's birthday.
2 days before his birthday, we started to think of how to celebrate his birthday. Sing K? mmm...we have done it several times already, NONO! Gather around and have a good dinner....Nono!
Suddenly AhGuan came up with an interesting idea. He said, 'Why don't we go for a place with is more to nature?' Good idea!!!
Ah Yung couldn't agree with him more. After morning jogging, he drove me, Guan and HSan to the Sg. Takala in Semenyih. We went there to do 'Site analysis and inspection'. We then went to another waterfall nearby, Gabai Waterfall. Both are equally good but finally we chose Sg. Takala because it is larger and suitable for activity like BBQ.
After deciding the location, we kept the fever on by planning for the activities there. BBQ! We bought the food. We contact other friends.
On that day, 14 of us went to Sg. Takala in 3 cars. The first thing that welcome us was the crowds. Oh shit! Today is public holiday. No wonder so many people here! Even more shit is that we have to pay RM 1 each for the entrance fee.
Then came the exercise part. To get a sheltered place, we have to walk far into the forest. It tooks us about 15 min to walk in there. OMG, i was super hungry and thirsty by the time i reach the shelter .
Firstly, we sing birthday song for the birthday boys of November. Then we fed on cake to fill our empty stomach. That piece of cake was so delicious because i was very very hungry. What's then? Of course we jump into the river! Some insisted to stay in the shelter. So they take the responsibility to BBQ the food. Hahaha!
Play water
Having fun
Yes! It was really full of fun!
By the time we were getting ready to pack up, OMG, the rain came. We walked in the heavy rain out of the jungle. Then went home with our wet attires. It was really a memorable and WET journey.