From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Kuala Terengganu Trip 2008

An end with a new beginning...

It has been long since my last update. Sorry guys. I was busy actually, and couldn't find the right mood to write something here.

I just got my 3rd year 3rd sem result. This marks the end of my 3 years of architectural science study in UKM. I wasn't really (anticipate) the result. The result is no surprise as usual. I get what i've invested. Output is proportional to input, academically.

With a cgpa of 3.xx, i concluded my 1st degree with a verdict of B.

3 years time is damn so fast. It is a 3-minute song. 还没唱得过瘾,音乐就结束了。。。 I wanted so much to do more, to try more and to experience more. Nothing in this world is perfect. There is always a gap between success and effort. A gap for improvement, a gap for more hard work, a gap for new breakthrough.

This is an end that marks the new beginning. Time never wait, and life should should never stop. The result is not important. What matter most is the PROCESS, the journey that you are having now...