From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

Late update on CNY

It has been long since my last update. paiseh, catch up now. Life now is so busy. Assignments, projects and lots of other tasks fill my life everyday. I'm quite happy because i live my life to fullness now, though it is very tiring sometimes. Overall, i'm still satisfy with it.

Talking about CNY... Huh! CNY holiday was a rush one for me. I came back to school on 4th CNY. It's pityful right? I didn't spend enough time with my family and friends (Y_Y). But, I was happy that i managed to gather around with my St. Michael and Keat Hwa old friends. That was the happiest moments during CNY. And the warmest moment, of course the time i spent with my family. Back to school, oh!!! It's OMG!!! Lots of unfinished works to be done. I was so reluctunt to come back to school. Highway traffic on 4th CNY was a Fxxk! Heavy traffic and jams all the way to KL. It took me about 9 hour to reach UKM from Alor Star. Oh, shit! No next time, please. I come back on 4th CNY becouse i have a damn shit stupid submission on 5th CNY. If not, i will sure won't come back here.

No matter how reluctunt i was, i still had to go back to the reality. After a few days in UKM, i already switched my CNY mode to normal school day mode. Busy! Busy! Busy! That is what i keep complaining almost everyday...