From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN

2D/1N in Genting Highlands - Part 01

It has been about 1 1/2 years since my last visit to Genting. Well, there is not much difference between the Genting now and that of 1 1/2 years ago. Genting is still Genting but this time, i went there with different group of friends. Oh ya, outdoor themepark now has another new ride, Pirate Something(i can't remember already). We had a lots of fun there. Singing K, Outdoor themepark, indoor themepark, jalan-jalan and take photos, of course. Not to mention the nightlife in Genting, we went to...~#@%^&*^%$@$%~ hehe...

Space Shot
This is the fifth time i play the game, space shot and the fear is still the same. I was shocked until
speechless at the moment i fell down. Yes, not even a scream.

Singing K at Be A Star
We had our 2nd dinner(we ate 2 times dinner for the first night there) and sing K for 2 hours. 2 hours was really too short for K-kings and K-queen like us.

What a sweaty day!!!

After 2 months of practical training in my hometown, i have never had a sweaty day like today. During that 2 months, I pamper myself with delicious Mama's homecook meals and i sleep and play quite a lot. Exercise is what i left out during that 2 months, hahaha...And the consequence is...5 kg of weight!!! Anyhow, I'm not regret for indulging myself with all that for 2 months. least I continue to exercise now mah : P
For this sem, i plan to exercise by playing badminton, jogging and...zeng! zeng! zeng! SWIMMING. Opps! I don't know how to swim. Well I will put swimming as one of my targets for this sem. Huh!!! Hey, swimming! I'll conquer you!


Finally, the question that i awaits for more than 12 months has the answer. I don't know whether it is a good answer or bad answer. I don't know i should be happy or sad with the decision although, a little bit of disappointment is what i can't deny. Well, boys and girls of the 9th XinDeQianYing, life is still going on and i hope that precious moments that we shared will always be remembered and our friendship will be forever...

Another new semester

Semester comes, semester goes...and now, i'm in another new semester. This semester i'm kind of lost a bit. I found that i'm not that motivated compared to the last 2 semesters.'s dangerous and i need to gambateh and figure out the target for this semester.
Last semester was a busy one (as usual). Cgpa drops quite a lot. Anyway, i think i had gave my best during last semester. Maybe what my friends said is correct: 'u need to improve your works by keeping the pace on par with other coursemates and not just compare them with your previous semester works'. Thanks friend, this is what i've never thought of.
So, what i'm going to do this semester?

Just to say hi!

Hi, everyone out there! I'm now a blogger, yeah! Don't whether i can keep it long but...i'll try my best. In this small little blog, i will fill it with my thoughts on anything. And of course, i will share with u my happiness and sorrow too...Haha. That's all for this very beginning, must support me, ok?!