From KUL to AKL to AOR to SGN



对完那本书后,我才发现,我真的好久都没在乡中学时候的东西了。可能是我变了。我变了不再那么念旧。以前的我总是会很念旧,放不开一过去的事和物。换个角度来看。我可能变得越来越看得开了 :)

Measured Drawing 2008 - Pengerang, Kota Tinggi

I think i do have 'jodoh' with the state of Johor. I've never been to Johor until i came into university. And this semester, the 2nd episode of my measured drawing project is still in Johor and this is my 10th visit to Johor already if i'm not mistaken. This time i went to Kampung Langkah Baik, Pengerang, Kota Tinggi in a group of 5ive. And the intersting part is, we got to stay at the house with another group of 5ive also. The house is not big but luckily is it still capable of housing 10en of us + the house owner, Pak Cik Jamel.
It was a nice experince to stay in a Malay house in a kampung. I really enjoyed it (for a few days is syiok la). Duduk bersila untuk manjamu di atas lantai, tidur di ruang tamu, pergi ke jamban... they were all new to me. Windy beaches, tall and swaying coconut trees, halaman rumah with pokok manga, pokok limau( yang buahnya hampir botak apabila kami balik), bunga-bunga, ayam-ayam and the cute anak ayam. Ayam berkokok pada waktu pagi...Uh uh uh uuuhhhh... For a long time already, i didn't hear that. It does bring me back to my childhood when a stay in Kampung Tanjung Musang... :)

CamPohGen aka Kimochi Trip 2008

Yeah! We made it finally, we made it! 9+1 persons in 2 cars, from Bangi to Ipoh, 2 highlands we conquered, 3 caves we explored and lots of local delicacies we had tried. 4 days 3 nights of exciting travel, this is the satisfaction we had.

Talking about the preparation of this trip...Actually the preparation is not difficult. The hardest part is more towards persuading everyone to join. Luckily but a bit sad also because Seann and Yang couln't join us. I remembered i wrote about the frustration i faced during the process of preparation. I did angry with some of them also at first. But this time i really learned that 'if forced, no happiness' '勉强没有幸福'. 有些事情,真的勉强不来。勉强得来的,就没有幸福。I had high expectation on the trip. What do i expect? I wanted to make it the most memorable one for 11 of us. But right from the start, i already failed to achieve the full number of 11 persons.

Overall, the trip is still a good one. I did enjoy it. For the 1st time we go for a trip without assignments. Because this is not a course trip, we had no pressure at all. We can enjoy it the fullest. It was like the Sg Takala trip last semester, that was the most enjoyable one.

I knew very well that this trip might be our very last chance that we can travel in almost complete number of person. That is why i treasure it. Right from the first time that we discussed about final year trip, i already had the temptation to volunteer myself to organise it. Sorry friends, if i did something false, or say something rude during this trip. I already did what i can to make it a successful one. Oh ya, i got to thank you all also for the cooperation, esp Toong and our two driver, Beh and TY.

Like it or not, we already joined it, experienced it and PAID for it. Haha... May this memory of Kimochi Trip 2008 will last forever in our hearts...